Thursday, August 8, 2013

Living Mural.

I can see two small motorboats,
Floating in the fog soaked cove.
Early morning sun,
Still asleep under the grey canopy.

Pelicans pass by,
Calmly going on with their day.
Making themselves at home,
On the two boats floating at sea.

The egrets join in,
They're not far behind.
Majestically shining,
Their piercing, white coats,
A stark contrast against the dark blue,
Living mural.

I too want to float with the boats,
Fly with the pelicans,
And hunt with the egrets.

Make myself at home,
And calmly go on with my day.
Live my life majestically,
Amongst the canopy of grays and blues,
In the fog soaked hues,
In the living mural of nature.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Black Sky Dream

In the night,
When I'm alone,
I close my eyes and think of you.
Whispering in my ear,
Your words are like wine to my soul,
Sedating my mind and senses,
I'm in your control.

Few things could touch me,
In the ways that you have.
This life is worth living,
To just dream of your hands.

Uncovering my body,
One piece at a time.
Exploring the mystery,
You've held in your mind.

This night holds darkness,
No one has seen.
The moon in the distance,
Just a sliver it seems.

No matter how dark,
You hold the key.
You light up the room,
When you smile at me.

My head hits the pillow,
I let out a sigh.
I reach out for you,
But grasp black,
Empty sky.