Friday, August 2, 2013

Who I am.

There are so many words,
Yet as I lay here,
I can't think of one.
My mind can't speak,
What my weary heart can feel.
I give you all of me because I know no other way.
This simplicity is not who I am,
It's what I am.
But what am I to you?
Am I a prince or a thief?
Am I someone you love,
Or a vision of what you choose to believe?
Remember one day you said what you meant,
You said that you loved me.
And I mean when I say I love you but won't take the pain.
I can't show you who I'm not,
Because that is a lie.
I am who I am.
I am good and I am kind.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Into The Sunset

I see my future in your eyes,
Golden brown highlights,
Across the sun-splashed skyline.
I see us walking in the sand,
Your fingers exploring my skin,
Holding me close in the crisp,
Morning air.
I see us listening to nature's sounds,
Staring up at the stars,
Being lost in the moment of the infinite night.
I see you holding your head up high,
Powerful like a lioness,
Your shining rays piercing my heart with your beauty.
I see us together in our home,
Growing close,
Our souls aligning in the heavens-
Together as one.
I see us traveling the world,
Through our youth and then growing older.
Riding off into the golden sunset of life.

Monday, July 29, 2013


I sat speechless with myself.
Quiet remnants of a dusty, sleepy willow.
Charred memories and wishful thoughts.
I could've slept, only the very sounds I lived for demanded every minute of my mind.
Fervently and feverishly inking my every thought,
I thought I was sick.
Living in a story that was no more real than the lies I created.
Mixing two worlds,
Intertwined, dancing with the devil himself,
A fool to my God.
I could only do what I was able,
Still paralyzed from what I was always told.
Only until I sat with myself,
Could I breathe into the world,
And release my spirit into the heavens.
Living and loving.
Accepting that we are both equal.