Friday, July 26, 2013

The Depths

With every crashing wave,
A piece of my heart cries out for you.
Dark, deep and blue,
Streaking, moonlit hues.

I don't know where to go,
I don't know what to do.
The night sky softly glows,
Illuminating an image of us two.

What's perfect as your face,
What's darker than your eyes.
I can't sleep another day,
I can't live another night.

I listen for the sounds,
I search within my soul.
For you I'd read a thousand books,
For you, I'd read them all.

To know just what to do,
When nothing will go right.
To live the way you want me to,
I'd sit and write all night.

God grants me this beautiful life,
To be alone with you.
Please hold me and just love me,
As children would only do.

3 words would bring us closer,
Yet they don't define,
This poet's words could never whisper,
The words I have in mind.

The ocean has been silenced,
It seems to know me know.
It speaks to me in words unsaid,
It listens, cares, is kind.

It's brought me here,
From far way,
To this place that I call home.
Just as I've come,
I may be gone,
From sea,
To tides,
To foam.