Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Living Sky.

Pinks meet purples,
Violet's and blues.
Streaking, slowly sinking,
Meets deep and warm hues.

Painting a picture,
A bird passing by,
Sitting, waiting patiently,
A living, breathing sky.

Trees still,
Motionless as the moon.
Breeze breathes and effervescent air blooms.
Warm air,
Meets cool,
Clouds taking a break.
Fish swim,
Flowers drink,
Nectar red as the snake.

Time flies,
Life slows,
Light sinking, passing by.
Child sleeps,
Palm trees in the sky.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Eyes can't speak,
The beauty they see.
But the mind can see,
What it cannot feel.
A heart is touched,
In many ways.
But it cannot change,
Love's intrinsic blade.
A beautiful rose,
Cannot be explained.
Touching, feeling,
Eyes close in vain. 
White as snow,
Finger tips explore,
Lying gently on the floor.
Dreaming of ten thousand smiles,
Wishing, waiting,
6,000 miles.