Friday, July 5, 2013

Fly. (Sonnet)

When I rest and lay down my head,
No more would I have began to dream,
Than look out and see my life pass me by.
Blue waters and birds fly through,
Finding their way through winds and air.
Only a burden as the one painted on my heart,
Could feel as I do with a life so great.
More often than not we too wish to fly with the birds,
But like the water, run cold and deep.
No despair could bring, tears such as mine.
Touching the depths of the pit where they remain buried.
Life and love intertwined through journeys left untraveled.
For I am not just a man, but a boy looking through eyes I do not own.
I long to be a bird that does not rest, one with no dreams.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Left Behind.

Today I'm not myself.
And you,
You're by yourself.

All my wounds give in.
And all the stars,
Close in.

What a peculiar place,
We're in.

Let's live,

Where all of the love,
Is sin.

Lets live,

Somewhere where we,
Can win.

We won't find the pieces to the puzzle,
Closing off our hearts alone.

Wherever you go,
I'll be close behind.

Look into your self,
And you can visit what you left behind.

Right now.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Separate Ways.

I had a dream,
I woke up with my arms around you.

Huddled close,
My hands exploring the soft outlines of your face.

Traffic lights and sirens blaring down below,
Precious moments a gift from above,
Naive love blossoming.

Only heaven could deliver moments as pure as this,
Yet our love is distant.

Breathing you in,
I inhale a piece of your soul,
Taking your heart with me,
Wherever I go.

We are more than even the universe had planned.
Into pure bliss,
With no where to go.

One More Kiss

I'd give anything for one more kiss.
Staring out the window,
I am lost.
I thought I would be fine when you were gone,
But as I stare into the clouds,
Your soul softly whispers in my ear.
When I close my eyes,
You're still here.
Holding my hand and kissing me softly,
Holding me close.
You've changed me.
Your face is like ink on my skin,
A permanent inscription of special moments shared only by us.
They say that time heals all,
But in this moment,
Time is standing still.
And I will wait forever. 
For just one more kiss.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


My heart is hurting.
I am alone again.
Can't seem to find,
The words to say.

In such a short time,
We've come so far,
Yet in just one day,
You've gone away.

My mind replays,
Our time together.
Warm, summer walks,
Late night smiles.

There's so much more,
Than we thought.
Too blind to see,
Through tainted eyes.

Naive to think,
But quick to speak,
We left two souls behind.
No time will tell,
No love will dwell,
Deeper in my heart,
Than thine.