Friday, June 28, 2013


Days are longer,
Nights grow shorter.
Summer whispers goodbye.


Feel my heart,
As it sings to you.

As the night goes on,
My thoughts turn to you.

Oh as the night goes on.
My thoughts turn to you.

Sleepless sleeping.
Tears speak,
Knees weak.

Sigh's flow freely as the sun fade's.
Water colors.
Huddle closer.

Tears's gone dry as you drift away.

As the night goes on,
My thought's turn to you.

As the night goes on,
My thought's turn to you.

Lonely night,
Mind will wander,
As it slips away.

As the night goes on,
My thought's turn to you.

As the night goes on,
My thought's turn to you.


One more night,
You and I.

You and I.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Than Love.

I love you,
Not because of what you do,
Or who you are,
Or where you're from.

I love you,
Not because you're my soulmate,
Or because I'm told to,
Or because I need a new start.

I love you,
Not because of your sweet face,
Or beautiful eyes,
Or tender touch.

I love you,
Not because we are connected,
Or because I need you,
Or because I'm lost.

I love you,
Not because of the stars,
The moon,
Or the sun.

I love you,
Not because I miss you,
Or because the way you kiss me,
Or because our souls together are one.

I love you,
Only because I love you.
There is no mystery in love.

I love you not because you understand me,
Or because you complete me,

I love you deeper than even love.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Voice of Knowledge.

The voice of knowledge speaks softly to me as I lay in bed.
A voice that speaks to me in words I could have never said.
There are moments when I think God has brought me here for a plan.
And there are moments when I don't know if I can continue as I am.
Oftentimes the road is rocky and we stray from the path.
But I am always reminded that we need to do the best we can.

As I sit and write, my eyes fill up, not because I'm scared.
I realize how far I've come and where I'm going and for once I do not care.
Everything else that happens, is extra for me in this life.
Because at one point in time, I was struggling, nearly succumbing to the light.
Every day I have struggled. Every day I have been in pain.
But through the voice of knowledge, I would grow, I would never be the same.

Time was needed for me to understand.
That as we grow older sometimes we just need a helping hand.
Angels are all around us. If we believe, we can see.
The voice of knowledge is here to help us.
Do not cry,
Do not weep.

Au Revoir.

Know that when you leave me and return to him,
Things will never be the same.
As you go through your days,
You will return to your pain that you left.
As slowly as it was gone,
It will return,
But not in the same way.
Because everyday you are with him,
You will hold his hand and it won't be mine.
You will kiss his lips and they won't be mine.
You will look into his eyes and say I love you,
But it won't be the same.
You may feel as if you are fine,
But as the days pass,
The rains will come.
Everyday you will compare him to me,
Every action and every word,
And it will feel as if a thousand elephants are standing on your chest,
Because I will be gone.
Even though I may be close,
I will be so far because when you left,
You took a part of me that is forever lost.
As I look in the mirror,
I see a reflection that bears the memories of us.
These memories will forever remain a piece of my soul as I continue on my journey.
I know that my scars could not keep you,
But that only through your own could you realize what you have lost.
Only when you are clutching your pillow,
And alone with your tears will you then realize that I was a good man.
That I was a great man.