Saturday, June 22, 2013


When i first met you,
I didn't know what to think.
Your mystery shrouded my thoughts,
I was mystified by your beauty.

Your sweetness reflected from your eyes,
I saw myself,
Here before.
Etched like stained glass,
A permanent existence in my heart.

Few people come into my life,
in which i care for.
Few people hold the depth,
I so vicariously search for.

Cliche and reality can co-exist.
Because when I'm with you,
I'm in total bliss.

As the night lingers,
So does the memory of you.
I will never forget the moments we shared,
just us two.


I want you so bad,
It hurts.
White walls stare back,
I curse.

My lungs can't take another breath.
Without you,
I am paralyzed, 
I lay in bed.

Life around me racing fast.
I'm still clinging to the past.
A silly, bumbling mess,
Longing only for your sweet caress.

I stare at my phone,
With no response.
I long to dial but just cannot.
I am broken,
But not quite dead.

My heart still beating,
I take a breath.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Love is.

Love isn't always what's right,
Love isn't always what's good.
Love can be tempting and kind.
But most will never love who they should.

Love can deliver us from hell.
Love can bring us to heaven.
Love hurts and is everything between,
But love with the right person lasts forever.

Love to most is only a dream.
Love isn't always what it seems.
Love can many times bring us to our past.
But love can't save us from ourselves.

Love does not confuse.
Love should not fight.
Love is for all those who want it.
True love won't ever leave us alone at night.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Dream

I will dream of holding your hand,
Laying in bed with me.
The soft scent of your perfume,
Still clinging to me,
Like the memory of your sweet kisses and rosy lips.
Two strangers who didn't need much.
Lost in the innocence of a longing to be loved,
And to love.