Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pure Love.

I could sit here and stare out the window all night,
An old, medieval church lines the warm sunset skyline.
Ferries slowly make their way across the shimmering river.
As I close my eyes,
My voice cracks and quivers. 
Whispering a prayer, sending it through the trees. 
To the limits beyond what my eyes can see. 
I'm reminded on this warm, spring night,
That it's not what we want that holds us tight.
Beauty is in the eye of its beholder,
And as I sit and write,
My lover is missing,
Her head softly laying on my shoulder. 
The moon stares down,
Taunting, testing me.
But I won't let it bring me to my knees.
I've been here and I've been there before.
My heart is sacred,
My love is pure.