Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Following The Signs

The salted morning air hits my face like a ton of bricks,
I step out into a new world towards the rising sun.
The breezes softly call my name, making their way through the palms.
Sifting through the sand, my calling, elusive as the whales passing through the sea.
There is no bitter loneliness, worse than ignoring what is yours to own.
To not follow the signs is to forever be alone.
So much time, yet there is no relief given.
We choose our pathways and lay in our own graves.
This morning chill resonates with me, because so much has changed.
Months turned to years and yet, I'm still nearly the same.
Except, now I follow the path, in which I am called.
Following the breeze, through the billowing trees and dried out leaves,
I leave my home.

-Manny Sanoja

Sunday, May 5, 2013


                  I am awakened by my dreams and the soft,

rumbling of the crashing waves.
                  What a joy to live in this beautiful creation that is within our reach.

A soft baby's cry reminds that I am no longer dreaming.

                  This truly is heaven.