Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tired Souls

My soul is tired,
the Earth beckons me home.

What is living without life?
There is so much pain,
It hurts to speak.

I cannot hide,
Tears are dry,
Like wildfires that fan them,
Streaking black,
Billowing smoke.
Burning down the mountainside,
But yet,
I am still here.
And I am alive as the very things that are living,
And thriving hate into this country.

There is no I anymore.
Because only we can take away the pain.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cut Short.

I thought I was pained,
Until I looked into your eyes.
There what I saw,
Was not a surprise.

Deep brown and spotted,
Nearly black as the night.
Hollow as your whisper,
Deep scars, candlelight.

I breathed into you,
To give you some life,
I reached into you,
And shook with my might.

Try as I would,
I could not get through.
You'd succumbed to the world.
Straight out of the womb.