Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dreams (Sonnet #1)

Awakened from my slumber, I drift back to my dreams.
Softened by pillows, my mind humbly sleeps.
Life speaks to me brilliantly, through nature and love.
I quietly embace, God's sweet gifts from above.
Few things remain, except for dreams in this world.
Where war, sex and money rules, humans just do as they're told.
Not much time has passed, yet still, so much remains. 
As I drift off even deeper, I inhale in the pain. 
I sense there's a change, I sense there is light.
I sense most want to love, yet they continue to fight.
What's real is unsure, time gets in the way.
Again, back to sleep the real world paused for the day.
Dreaming softly and sweetly, I find heaven within.
My dreams here come true, the real world's at it's end. 

Because Of You

I love you deeply.
You are embedded in
As I go through my day.

Breezes blow me your
From a distance.
I don't have to be gone
for long,
To know that I miss you.

Simply put,
Every second your hand is not
on my hand,
Your lips on my lips,
Your breath on my skin,
I cannot go on.

Because of you,
I'm able to breathe,
Speak sweet words to you,
Anything to make you smile.

Because of you,
My worn heart is complete.
And I am alive.
I love you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Right Now.

Right now,
I am not human.
I may be dead.
There are many noises, 
Echoing through my head.

Right now,
I am alive,
But I can't see.
The road before me,
Intermittently bleak.


I need to escape.

Right now,
I'm trapped.
Have I gone insane?