Wednesday, February 20, 2013

May Never Come Back.

I may never come back,
but I want you to know.
You live in my heart,
Body and soul.

The soft breezes blow,
Small pieces around.
I'm constantly with you,
Listen close to the sounds.

I may never come back,
to how I was before.
But know I'm even better,
Than the person you knew.

See I haven't just left,
And didn't give up.
I loved you so much,
To say it's enough.

Waves crash and echo,
through our special bay.
A place we called home,
On any given day.

You'd rush to the door,
With eyes big and bright.
And greet me so sweetly,
To my loving delight.

These memories I cherish,
And will always hold near.
Remember the good things,
Don't focus on tears.

I know when you're ready,
and life becomes clear.
You'll come looking for me,
My lovely,
Sweet dear.