Sunday, January 20, 2013


I just want to love you.
And be loved in return.
I want to feel your heart,
Talk with mine.

I want to look up at the stars,
And see your name written.
I want to be away,
Real far,
And always be smitten.

I want to rest,
With your hand in mine.
I want to look in your eyes,
Two souls are aligned.

I just want to love you,
And be loved in return.
I just want your love,
No longer to yearn.


This journey of trials and legends,
Breeze of darkness and shadows,
Washing over me.
Spilling it's earthly blood on my hands,
Bright red dots fall on my white shoes.

Clean is a dream I cannot live,
Because I'm lost,
and I need you.


If she never see's me for who I am,
I will not be lost.

She will go on searching again,
Destroying love has such a cost.

There's little one can do,
To change someone,
It's impossible in the mind.

When they can't see,
What they want,
They are lost,
Foolish and blind.