Monday, November 26, 2012

Guardian Angel

She is the moon,
The stars,
and everything to me.

A radiant beam,
She softly speaks in my dreams.

Come to me,
Take my hand,
Let's run away,
She says.

It's Christmas time,
Don't lay in bed.
Get up,
Get up,
And come on down.
It's time for us,
To turn some frowns.

Let's spread our joy,
And love today.
Because the little ones need us,
To laugh and play.

I jumped out of bed,
To my dismay.
She was not there,
I looked every which way.
As I looked around,
All up and down,
I still could not find her,
So I finally knelt down.

I prayed real hard,
Asked God,
Why me?
I thought she came,
To me in my dreams?

As I opened my eyes,
I felt warmness within,
I looked out the window,
With an enormous,
Fat grin.

It started to snow,
And as I turned around,
I thought she was there,
But it was just a sound.

I knew then and there,
It was up to me.
To go out and rescue,
The ones on their knees.

Give them my joy,
Through love and delight,
Take away their pain,
Fear and their fright.

My moon and my stars,
I saw in my dreams,
My guardian angel,
Living through me.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Mornings

The quiet of the morning,
Is a time to be treasured.
Baby stirs in mommy's tummy,
Coffee percolates.

The fog has come to visit us,
It's chilly this autumn morn.
But we are safe,
And she soundly sleeps,
The kitty softly moans.

These small treasures of life,
Worth waking up for everyday,
Overshadowed by worldly cares,
Of things that don't mean anything.

If I could go back and change I would,
I'd sleep less and work more I think.
But that is then and this is now,
And for now,
We live to sing.

Big blessings came,
And we are fine.
My spirit humbly speaks.