Monday, November 12, 2012

Mothers & Daughters

She will always be,
A little girl,
In her mothers eyes.

From the moment,
Born in her arms,
The memory still makes her cry.

From her first tooth,
To her teddy lost,
Mom was always there.

There was nothing,
She wouldn't do,
To show you that she cared.

Although she tried,
She wasn't perfect,
Life was hard along the way.

But she never quit,
Believed in you,
And fought for you still to this day.

On those nights,
When you feel alone,
Stop for a moment and pray.

Because she is always near,
And still there for you,
Her spirit lives through you always.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr.

Distant Memory

In time,
I will be healed.
But for now,
It is misery.

No sooner I will miss you,
That you'll be a distant memory.
A rain droplet in a foggy autumn mist,
Lost to the earth.
An experience,
A heart wrenching pain.

A love that remains a vow,
To never miss you again.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr