Monday, September 17, 2012


Her face is outlined by the warm,
Dancing candlelight.
Illuminating her features,
I can't help but stare.

She's soft in silence,
With few words to spare.
But I don't need much from her,
I know she cares.

Flames dance and flicker,
We laugh and flirt.
My heart sends whispers,
That are silently heard.

A dreamy night,
But not alone.
A visitor lingers,
Our lives unfold.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


You're not beautiful.

You're breathtaking,
In every single way.
The way your mouth moves,
The way your hips sway.

You hair is perfect,
Your skin tone too.
Before we'd met,
I dreamed I'd marry you.

People say,
Beauty lies inside,
But I'll refute.
Because there's no mistaking,
That you're not just cute.

When we go out,
People stop and stare.
And it's not for me,
You have that flare.

A quiet and calm demeanor,
But an inferno inside.
A burning fire,
Passion running high.

You may not even know it,
But hell,
I sure do.

That's exactly why,
I just love you.