Saturday, August 18, 2012


You learn a lot about yourself,
Summer night staring at the sky.
Smell of bon fires below,
Wood burning smoke lingers high.

The breeze just right,
Brushing gently on my face.
It feels so damn good,
To take a break from the race.

I'm glad to be sober this night,
Because I spent so many years,
Scared and belligerent in fright.

To have come out alive,
Is a miracle in itself.
Head and skin still connected,
Another hand is dealt.

I'll never be the same,
Now that this life's not in vain.
I'll never look away,
From the past I live today.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I loved you before I met you,
Never a doubt in my mind.
That one day we'd be together,
That one day you'd be mine.

Before you loved me,
You never even knew.
That I was already dreaming,
Contemplating us two.

A vision of you in white,
Walking by my side.
My fantasy delight,
Our children flying kites.

It's nostalgic to think back,
At what life was like.
Before I met you,
I hadn't gotten life quite right.

Because see,
You complete me.
In every single way.
When we aren't connected,
I can't focus on my day.

We aren't just friends,
We are bonded in a sweet and special way.
I could never just explain because,
We're connected through our veins.

When I think of you,
I remember our first date.
I was so happy and so nervous,
That I wanted to run away.

But you made me feel warm,
And I owe you everything to this day.
Because you basically saved me.
And I love you more for it,
In every possible way.

-For Mo.