Friday, July 6, 2012

The Real Me.

My thoughts are what feed,
Others to win.
I feel a responsibility,
That comes from within.

I won't ever lie,
I just don't need to.
Tell it like it is,
Because more people need to.

I've come a long way,
But sometimes look back.
Every time a mistake,
That throws me off track.

From experience I know,
Just what to do.
To understand fully,
That not everyone understands you.

I do what I can,
But usually more.
Because I'm constantly proving,
That life is no chore.

If I could take away,
Any of the doubt.
That my friends or family had,
Want to stand up and shout.

I just want to be loved,
And to give all the love that I have.
Help others succeed,
To be real,
Not a fad.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Need Someone.

You need someone to set you free.
To let you go,
Lift you up.

You need someone to let you fly.
No need to tie you down,
Put you down,
Make you cry.

You need someone to bring out your best.
To shine you up,
To make you better than the rest.

You need someone who understands you.
Who can take you for you,
But still see the best parts of you.

You need someone to help you work through.
Things that need working.
But who won't give up on you.

You need someone who loves growing together.
Because times will be hard,
Through rough weather.

You need someone to know you aren't perfect.
That the grass may be greener,
But through it all,
They know you are worth it.

You need someone.
A believer.