Thursday, June 28, 2012


Call me out,
Give it back.
I won't stand,
For an attack.

Cut me down,
Turn me out,
Better hide,
Or stay inside.

I'm not mad,
Won't say a word.
Just watch out,
You may get burned.

I will win,
I always do.
Don't play me,
For a fool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Issues with trust,
Lied and lied to so much.
Friends and family,
loved ones,

Some day decide,
Whether to join them or hide.
Tired of feeling,
That feeling inside.

Won't go away.
Worse as it goes,
In their eyes,
In their face.

Sometimes they may know,
Sometimes they may not.
Most times they don't care,
On the inside they rot.

They walk through the streets,
With ordinary stares,
Then do ugly deeds,
And come home with no care.

Selfish behaviors,
Since they were young.

Enough is enough.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lie to me.

There comes a point in life,
Where you don't know who you can believe.
Lies pour down like rain,
Like a disease.

Infecting all that are enveloped,
Even those far away.
Another lie tearing loved ones apart,
To their dismay.

I say there comes a point in life,
Because we choose.
To get where we are depending on our truths.

Happiness doesn't depend on if we stray,
It just depends on if we can realign old ways.

We choose to spread,
Everything we say.
It's either true of false,
But lies remain.

It's your choice to lie straight to my face.
But just know this,
It's to your disgrace.