Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Very conflicted,
In more ways than one.
Road is fogged over,
Battle still not quite won.

Just when you got it,
It slips away.
Nothing is perfect,
We live day to day.

I see signs,
Bright as the sun.
But I'm sad to say,
I don't want to run.

Curiosity is the devil,
Disguised in white clothes.
Ready to reveal,
What you shouldn't know.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Beautiful full moon over head,
Watch over me as I lay in bed.
Give me a piece of your power,
I promise to live in every hour.
Guide my path with your bright light,
Giving way to worldly sights.
Deliver me from all my cares,
And into a world of clean, crisp air.

Beautiful full moon over head,
Bring lost souls back from the dead.
Take them by the hand tonight,
Let them know that they'll be all right.
In your presence we bow down,
To us,
You wear the crown.

Beautiful full moon over head,
Watch over me as I lay in bed.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother Earth.

How beautiful the tides,
In their blue hues they flow,
Crashing down on soft sand below.

Just as a feather in the wind,
The foam and fog envelop the land within.

Hummingbirds fervently gathering,
Tiny birds chirp and sing.

This beautiful land and sea all around,
Mother Earth perilously beckoning.

While life moves on,
On land and sea,
Humans may be too blind to see.