Friday, May 18, 2012

Bright Future.

You're it for me,
What else can I do to prove it?
I've given you all my heart,
Let's go back to the start.

Step one is complete,
We have more than people ever dreamed.
For me and you,
The rest is history.

It's all about the little things,
Bigger picture will become clear,
As long as you stay near,
Good times will persevere.

Some of the best things in life,
Don't come without a little strife,
Some of the worries and cares,
Will eventually vanish into thin air.

Stay with me,
Stay with me for a while.
I know I am not what I will be,
But my future is bright through my smile.

Can't Say No.

I can hear them outside,
In their drunkenness and stupors.
Lights gleam reds and blues,
The reflections dangling around my eyes.

Can't say no,
Can't say no because the night is young,
And they're not dumb,
But hurt with nowhere to go except for here.

Nobody ever told them what they wanted to hear,
Except for a slap in the face,
Their weakness exploited,
Can't say no.

Radio echoes,
And cuffs clang.
Dogs bark and I'm changed.

Thank God I am changed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing To Say.

Is it that you just don't have anything to say,
Or don't care enough to try?
I can't seem to tell as I look into your eyes.

Deep colors emanate pain and loss.
I can't help your past through unworried chaos.

Know that I can't help your future,
If you always remain the same.
So much of your new efforts,
Will only end in vain.

I know the passion I want and need from you is inside.
Kiss me like you mean it dammit,
hold my head and mouth to yours,
It's only right if it makes you cry.

Tell me you love and need me,
And that life without me would just move too slow.
Tell me that you believe in me,
And that with me in your life we'll only both grow.

With nothing to say,
You make me feel so lost.
These long summer days and nights,
Sometimes could make me feel crossed.

I am not the one,
I don't like to guess.
I for one,
Do need, want, and love you,
And would not be able to live without your sweet caress.