Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lonely Soul.

I will always be lonely,
Even when I'm good.
Few souls touch mine,
In a way that they should.
Gentlest breeze,
A puff of air,
Could blow me over,
On days that I'm scared.
But the days of being scared,
They have been too much.
For a lonely soul like mine,
Looking for a crutch.
An escape,
A plan,
A moment,
A stare,
Anything to release me,
From this material world of cares.
I shed tears of fire,
Burning as they come through.
Igniting the love I have inside of me,
The longing for something to hold on to.
What I ask is not too much.
It is simply what humanity wants,
But are too scared to touch.
Lay this lonely soul to rest,
For one year,
It's stood the test.
For the next,
We wait and see.
I may just have to rescue me.