Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Echoing heartbeat.
Murmur in the distance.
Patter like the waves,
Nipping at coarse sand,
Warm sun beating softly like a drum.
My mind re-calibrates,
as equilibrium deteriorates from your distant memory,

Yet so far,
a trophy gleams from it's win.
Shiny gold,
For everyone to see.
I hold you up and smile in your glory.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Future in Your Eyes

I see my future in your eyes,
In my mind,
I've said those words a thousand times.
Sure as the rising sun,
And the changing tides,
I'm drawn to you,
Your beautiful eyes.

When I was younger,
On most days,
I only dreamed I'd be here,
in this place in time.
I only dreamed I'd see my future,
In your eyes.
But through life's toils,
I'm here with you.

To say I'm thankful,
Is unjust,
I cannot explain,
Why I love you so much.
You shine so brightly,
In a dimly lit world,
Of lies, deceit, lust and more.

I see my future in your patient eyes,
In my mind I've said those words a thousand times.
I only dreamed of being in this place in time,
I only dreamed you would be mine.