Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just want you near me always,
My love please take my hand.

I'll lead you down a beautiful path,
A life you've never had.

When we met,
We both had been accustomed,
To accepting a little less.

But when I caught a glimpse,
And our eyes met,
Never again would I accept second best.

You give me more,
Than I've ever had,
Words cannot express.
Being you has touched me,
In ways you can't imagine,
I love your sweet caress.

We both had been through,
So much before we met.
That when it was finally time,
God said that's enough,
I'll send you a safety net.

We fell but landed,
Perfectly in each others arms,
To say thank you is not enough.
Roads collided dreams ignited,
Our path was a little rough.

You're all I ever want,
And all I ever need.
Baby you are my love,
You've found and rescued me.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where You Are.

I miss it when you don't say goodnight.
Call me old fashioned,
Say what you might.

I hang on every,
Word that you say.
And when none are said,
It must be leap day.

Forgetting is the same,
As insult to injury.
Remembering is loving,
I don't play childish games.

Even though you are near,
You still seem so far,
Blinking tortuous phone,
Opens up dirty, old scars.

My mind is young,
And heaven knows it can think.
Silly things,
Maybe it's time to get some sleep.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Early Bird.

You can't be mad at the early bird,
You could have gotten up early too.

Life is a funny thing,
It surely doesn't wait around for you.

Impreciseness could mean early death,
If not physically,
Then mentally at best.

The one who knows who's on their side,
Is the one who puts insignificance aside.

As the early bird wakes up,
and diligently leaves their nest,
The people still lay asleep,
Dreaming in a rest.

As they slowly,
Begin to rise.
They realize that someone,
Has already been up,
And beat them to the prize.

If only they had,
Been so adept,
They too would have won,
Instead of getting a little extra rest.