Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Connected to the Earth and all that's in it,
Connected to love and open hearts within it.
Connected to the people I meet,
Connected to the ones lost on the street.
Connected to people that hate me,
Connected to forgiveness, it saves me.
Connected to loss and pain,
Connected to understanding that nothing is in vain.
Connected to smiling faces,
Connected to underlying traces.
Connected to blank stares,
Connected to why I even care.
Connected to the moon and the sky,
Connected to them because that's how I get by.
Connected to the deep blue sea,
Connected to the towering trees.
Connected to the furry creatures,
Connected to the music speakers.
Connected to trying real hard,
Connected to falling real far.
Connected to an open heart,
Connected to a brand new start.
Connected to a bright future in sight.
Connected to never giving up the fight.


I feel your poison,
Slow torture infiltrating my way.
Burning sensation,
Crowding my happy rays.

Your life was lost through your own tragedy and pain.
Because you're dead inside,
You emanate poison that fills others veins.

When others work hard to please you,
You love to shoot them down.
Because it's the only thing that fills you up inside,
A commonality resembling the devil as you wear your old, wrinkly frown.

My passion to you is junk.
You say I don't do what I say.
But look at me and you,
There is no comparison,
Don't blame me for your failures,
You could have changed your foolish ways.

Take your poison,
And get out of my way.
I refuse to let you defile my brain.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Majestic Beauty.

She is quiet,
But her soul speaks loudly.

Passion beaming from within.

Looking out over the majestic ocean and horizon,
She breathes a sigh and cracks a small grin.

What goes on in her mind,
Are treasures that cannot be explained.

But for at least today,
She is content and lives vicariously for another day.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Far away,
Kiss on the cheek.

Wake up,
Dream of you,
Little sleep.

Reaching longing,
For your kiss.
2 more days,
Until pure bliss.

Touch still lingers,
On my skin.
Smell of you,
Fire within.

Every hour,
That you're gone,
I sit and count,
I'm so withdrawn.

Waiting for you,
2 more days.
Heart is aching,
Come home today.