Saturday, February 18, 2012

Out of the Blue

Just before the first time I said I love you,
I was lost in an unforgiving world.
Taken away through dreams and visions of you.
I stepped out on the ledge and asked myself,
Constant as the changing weather,
Steady as the rising sun,
Floating above the clouds,
Falling through fears.
Loving through pain.

Friday, February 17, 2012


For the stars, moon and sun,
And for their light that guide my way.
Thankful for the trees, breeze, and ocean,
For without them,
Life would be so gray.

Thankful for living, breathing, eating,
And the little things God gives me every day.
Thankful for love, family and joy,
And special moments along the way.

Thankful for dark times, struggles, even sadness,
and the ability to pray.
Thankful for knowing that without those things,
I may be dead or still lost with no knowledge of what I know today.

Thankful for my teachers, parents, and loved ones,
Who have literally "put up with me" and my crazy ways.
Thankful for them mostly because,
They have always believed in me,
Throughout the long, sometimes tortuous days.

Thankful to my beautiful life,
That brings learning, meaning and change every single day.
Thankful that I am still here yearning,
For the challenges future and present that will come my way.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burning Cornea.

If you step away for a moment,
You may miss it.

Coming down before you know it,
Burning cornea glisten.

Living forever through the gaze,
A fiery red bomb in the distance through the haze.
Standing mesmerized,
So amazed.

If you step away for a moment,
You may miss it.

Coming down before you know it,
Burning cornea glisten.

Lost and Found.

I could never say,
That someone wasn't what I needed.
Life is curiously mischievous,
We plant seeds in each other,
We need it.

Meeting in the most,
Peculiar and odd ways.
Some stay friends forever,
Some will meet once and then they'll forever fade.

There are many people,
Who have come into my life.
Who I thank God so much for,
Because they made me see the light.

They changed the way I look,
But mostly the way I feel.
They made me see what I have inside,
So many things I had concealed.

I'm thankful but also hurt,
For gaining and losing friends.
I hope those lost will always know,
Just how much they helped me grow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Waste Away.

Waste away,
Go ahead and crumble.
While you're lost,
I'll be here humble.

I've been down,
Wasting too.
But now I'm up,
And don't long for you.

Waste away,
Just not with me,
Because I am found,
Now let me be.

Simple Life.

I dream of a simple life.
Where I wake up in the morning,
And the only thing I have to do,
Is go down to the beach with my wife.

I dream of a simple life.
Where there is no fear of failure,
And work no longer becomes a toil,
No pain hanging my head in failure late at night.

I dream of a simple life.
Where I get excited about the mundane,
Take my kids to the park and play,
And still can laugh through the clouds and rain.

I dream of a simple life.
Where I can write poetry, songs and sing for a living,
And still be valued and looked up to like wall street,
And not worry about not having enough money for giving.

I dream of a simple life,
Where smiles are plentiful and frowns are fined.
There are no parking tickets,
And police men are kind.

I dream of a simple life.

Without You.

Without you I am lost.
No end is in sight.
I've dreamed of holding you,
But nothing makes me feel right.

I still picture the way you looked at me,
When you said goodbye.
Your cold hand on mine,
Whispering those 3 words burned in our minds.

Without you I am lost.
I don't know what to do.
My body keeps going,
But my mind is lost in you.

I feel you in my heart,
As I go through my day.
But your presence never leaves,
It's as if deja-vu repeats itself to my dismay.

Without you I am lost.
Blank stare over the hues of dusk before night.
A canvas littered with memories of us,
Each visit cut short by life's daily strife.

Close my eyes and again I'm lost in you.
Your beautiful face and lips haunt my day.
Not much time has passed since I've last seen you.
And I'm already wasting away...