Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life Long Glory.

I see and hear things,
That you will never know.
I would try to explain,
But you would never understand,

I see colors,
As musical notation.
And hear original symphonies in my head,
Late night in bed,
On a normal rotation.

Sometimes I wake up,
In such a fright.
And I write down,
What I felt that night.

I'm connected deeply,
To every emotion.
From my own to others,
Even through all the worlds commotion.

I can tell,
When something's wrong.
Then without you knowing it,
It's in a song.

I see life pass by,
As a story.
And turn it into,
My life long glory.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Angel.

Nothing else before us matters.
Moments passing in time.
An angel from heaven,
God sent you to me in the nick of time.

The past is erased,
Now that you are here.
My angel,
My sweet love,
I always just want to hold you near.

You're a ray of light in a midst of thick dense fog.
Reflecting warmth and tenderness,
Like a beautiful love song.

My angel,
You're my lighthouse in a treacherous storm.
When rain is pouring and waves are pounding,
You safely bring me back to shore.

My angel,
Wrap me in your wings and take us away.
To a dream where time doesn't exist,
Where forever we can laugh and play.

Just thinking of your sweetness,
Brings tears to my eyes.
When your hand is in mine,
It's a force we can't deny.

My angel,
My love,
Always stay with me.
Our hearts are intertwined,
Our souls fused together permanently.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainy Day Love

Sweet warm breath on your golden skin,
Gentle, firm kiss
Now let's begin.

No rush here,
It's cold and rainy outside.
For the next few hours,
My body on yours,
We'll be warm inside.

Relax your head and arch your back,
Dig in deep,
The sky darkens to a dark jet black.

Today my job is to explore your world,
Touching you in places you've never been touched before.
Both feeling things,
We've never felt before,
If it's too much too soon,
I don't care,
Give me more.

If before I didn't believe in magic,
After you and today,
Our worlds aligned,
Making gray skies OK.

Kisses becoming stronger,
Legs going weak,
Clouds bursting with lighting and rain,
Thunderous peak.

Close your eyes,
Realize you're mine,
Dream softly and sweetly,
We have plenty of time...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Emphatic Heart.

Emphatic heart of mine,
Please leave me alone.

My mind and world have been changing,
I've found a new home.

Release me from your torturous grasp,
Please don't let me feel others pain,
It makes me gasp.

Emphatic heart of mine,
Please leave me alone.

Don't let me wonder why they work so hard,
To just go home.

Another day and another dollar,
With little to hold on to,
Without a mother maybe or a father.

Please don't let this empathy,
Dig at my heart and chest.
Let my mind be at ease.
Please let me rest.


In a square box,
Trash littered.
Remnants and crumbs,
Scattered about..
Savage beast,
Flying at 100 miles an hour.
One lie after the next,
Adding to the building mound of trash.
Animal on the loose,
Raising hell in the city.
From one victim to the next,
Bringing a facade of hope and light.
One crumb at a time.