Friday, February 3, 2012

Not Enough Time.

7 turns into 8,
8 quickly turns into 9,
Staring at the clock,
Am I running out of time.

So much pushing forward,
Feeling dragged in my tracks,
Momentum won't let me go,
Life won't allow for time to look back.

Breathe in to slow the pace,
Breathe out to get it done,
Clench your teeth to win the race,
In your mind the battle must already be won.

It's back and forth all the time,
A balancing act indeed,
Between constantly pushing forward,
And stopping in between.

Reflect for a bit,
Act on your dreams,
Remember to say hello,
And promise yourself to never quit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bleary Eyed Morning.

When I wake up with you,
I feel so complete.
Bleary eyed morning slumber,
Kiss your forehead and cheek.

Lay in bed hand in hand,
Listening to the waves crash and sea gulls passing by,
I pull you close and wipe the sleep from your eye.

Completely present in the moment,
One thing is clear.
We were meant for each other in this life,
No need to worry anymore in fear.

As the morning sun pokes out from hibernation,
A new day has dawned a new love spark creation.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Like and Love.

Like is a nice word,
But it's not what I mean.
Cause I want to say I love you,
But am scared that you'll leave.

I can't help it though,
It's just how I feel.
You've got me love struck,
My heart tells me it's real.

In all honesty,
It has been a short time since we've met.
But how else could I write these quirky lyrics if I didn't mean what I said?

My mind is on fire,
Feeling burns in my chest,
Pen can't write fast enough,
Love's such a beautiful mess.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Story.

Don't sacrifice your youth to live in someone else's glory.
You may only get one shot,
So tell your story.

This life flies by so hold on.
The bumps will come but only your gut will tell you when it's time to move on.
There's no other time than today.
So put your head down and let's pray.

Ask that we may have the strength to move on.
And that we will have faith and be strong.
Let others choose their own path.
Because you can get caught up and lose track.
Don't sacrifice your youth to live in someone else's glory.
You may only get one shot,
So tell your story.

Find Me.

I could lay here and look up at the sky forever,
Except no matter how many clouds I get lost in,
It wouldn't ever bring you back,
So I lay here and as another solitary tear leaves my pathetic eye,
My lips both quiver and I try to hold back a cry.
Changing times called for changing measures,
And although I know it's for the better,
It doesn't buy back the memories of you and I,
When we would hold each other and everything was fine.
Long roads are winding,
Dust trails blinding,
Look for me at the end,
I'll pray you find me.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Misery in Beauty.

Misery lies with misery,
Not much that you can do.

When you associate your self with death,
Then you will also eventually die too.

Slowly and painfully,
Your soul enveloping the cold,

The grasp of your so called friends,
Will bury you in the lye, maggot infested soil.

This is not a promise,
Or a dream wishing that you will rot.

Because your lies pierce through your beauty,
And what you hate you are,
Don't seem so distraught.

Many tried to help you,
So many times,
Including me.

But in the end nobody could help you to see,
That who you surround yourself with,
You will most likely be.

The only thing that can save you,
From misery in this beautiful life,

Is for you to eradicate all of those,
Who don't bring you beauty, hope and light.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost in the Sunset.

Lost in her touch,
The sun slowly sets.

As dolphins swim by,
Head lays on her chest.

Dark blue sky,
And traces of purple.

Off in the distance,
Thunder Bay waves crash,
Echoing murmur.

Beating heart,
And clammy hand holding mine.
Making memories of us,
Yet not enough time.

Sky is projecting,
A most beautiful day,
Bodies huddled together,
In just the right way.