Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't Look Back.

From the time I wake up,
To the time I go to bed,
I am my biggest investor,
Positive thoughts running through my head.

I don't look back,
I don't get scared,
My faith is strong,
Because I work hard,
I am prepared.

No task too big,
No challenge in sight,
Nothing I couldn't handle,
This life is a real fight.

Time is scarce,
But even worse,
This may be the last chance we have to do,
What we wanna do,
It's a blessing and a curse.

Live in the moment,
Don't give up on the day,
These memories we're creating,
Are part of what will guide your way.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Floating above the sea,
Sun rosy lips and sun kissed cheeks.

Happy up and up we go,
Smiles all around,
Not a single frown.

Even happy trees,
Waving in the wind,
Seem to take on the smiling spirit,
They have within.

Happy days,
Years months and years,
Sunset is near,
It's not a sin.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weak Minded.

Weak minded people,
Let's go from the start.
Will make you feel angry,
Because they have no heart.

Will smile and laugh,
Straight to your face,
Then scuttle and run,
Like a rat in a cage.

Weak minded people,
Deserve what they get,
They cannot control,
Themselves and forget.

They dig very deep,
Until they can't get out.
By that time it's too late,
Their lives in a drought.

Weak minded people,
Take all they can get.
And leave you with nothing,
Only full of regret.

They make you feel good,
Just for the time be,
Until they are done,
They'll run and they'll flee.

Weak minded people,
Are full of resent,
For giving up on their dreams,
They will always lament.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Edge of the Earth.

I walk along the edge of the earth.
Jagged cliffs, rocks and white caps wait below.
Toxic, mechanical weights zooming by oblivious to the beauty.

The sunset dips behind what looks like a razor clean skyline,
Purples and reds exploding like bombs and fireworks.
Taking it's time the Earth slowly falls asleep on the surface.
Leaving us a trail of scattered dreams, and broken hearts.
Some mended by faith others still tormented by stubborn minds.

The irreverent waves pound against the shore,
Splashing foam and the smell of a mixture of sea salt air and sewer my way.
Surprisingly enjoyable to my senses I inhale deep,
A somewhat filthy cleansing to my sun beaten soul.

Giving way to night,
The planets and stars start to poke through the black canvas of the night sky.
Small dots litter the horizon with Mr. Moon illuminating my face in dim light, glimmering along and guiding the tide.
I've always wondered what it takes to be at peace as I walk along the edge of the Earth.


Your dark, penetrating eyes invite me into your world.
A swirling concoction of fantasy and reality,
Hypnotizing me.

I'm drawn to you through a chemical reaction,
Skin touching skin,
Mouth to lips,
Sweat to sweat I can feel your heart beating against mine.

I inhale every part of you,
In hopes to absorb your high in my bloodstream.
Bringing me waves of your euphoric rush.
and over again I reach to you.
Trembling hand and heart.
I close my eyes and am lifted into a dream like state,
In which I never want to come back down.

Floating above the clouds.