Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've been comfortable staying put for so long,
I didn't even notice,
How many years were just gone.

The rain puddles built,
And stormy winds blew my way,
It's not a coincidence,
I sought to be numb on most days.

Staying inside was my protection,
From the grime and the dirt,
Of this worlds ethical infection.

Where nothing is held sacred,
And everything is a mess,
Cheating and lying are acceptable at best.

To stay comfortable is ok,
But not for too long.
To expand our horizon is not to do wrong.


I try to write,
But can't think of anything to say.
Life and love,
Thoughts shroud my day.

Decisions to make,
Never know if they're right.
To live in faith,
Is a delicate sight.
Carving the life you live,
From blood and bones,
Can you honestly say,
That you've given all you can give?

Life and Love,
What does it all mean?
I step out the door,
Every day is a new scene.

See the new faces,
That come every day.
Some touch me right,
Some get in my way.

I'm anxious about everything,
Over analyzing is my skill,
Been a profession for years,
I've had more than my fill.

No matter the pressure,
It all comes back to,
living and learning,
Yet I still have no clue.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Promise You.

I promise to love you forever,
And not just until we die.
Our hearts together as one,
A permanent picture of you burned in my mind.
You've visually stunned me,
In every single way.
And emotionally made me,
Into the man I am today.
I love you so much,
I wish you would know.
The feeling I have,
When we make love holding you so close.
It's as if a higher power meant,
For us to share this life together.
I know it is true,
Heaven couldn't possibly be better.
When you're not around,
I don't know what to do.
I flip through the channels,
But they all remind me of you.
No amount of money could buy,
The love I have for you.
Eternity has nothing on us,
You'll forever be my boo.
When the time eventually comes,
When death comes our way,
I want your hands on mine,
As I slowly pass away.
Don't shed too many tears,
Don't be too dismayed,
Because our souls are eternally fused,
Not even God can take that away.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Mysterious mind,
Mysterious heart.
I wouldn't mind,
To find where you start.
Mysterious as the northern lights,
You are so deep,
Let's stay up all night.
Mysterious mind,
Mysterious heart,
Walk together,
Never apart.
Slowly down the gravel way,
Leading to a dim, dark cave.
Never knowing what you may think,
I have a feeling,
My heart may sink.
Mysterious mind,
Mysterious heart,
What happened to you that made you so dark?
I know that you're holding back.
Give yourself up,
Cut yourself some slack.
Mystery goes such a long way,
But at what point does it,
Begin to fray?


From your grasp,
I start a new.
Feels as if ten years have passed,
But not even two.
Trembling hand finding grip,
Wobbly legs,
Try not to trip.
Clotted blood now runs free,
A doctor though,
They may not see.
Released from a most frightful dream,
Of long days and nights,
I'd try not to scream.
I'd say lord please release me from this place,
Where I can never find,
The right words to say.
Release the feeling of being stuck again,
In a circle of death,
Torture and sin.
The paths now clear,
I see through the fog.
It's breaking through,
The L.A. smog.
Squinting slightly,
I begin to grin.
Although a new wrinkle,
May have settled in.
From your grasp,
I start a new.
Feels as if ten years have passed,
But not even two.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Mine.

It helps that you're beautiful.
It's a blessing that you're kind.
There's never a single doubt,
Why you are constantly on my mind.

I find myself always,
Daydreaming of us.
On our beach hut in Cabo.
Picturesque photo of us during dusk.

Warm blue water,
And fine sandy bay,
Every time that I think of you,
I exhale in such dismay.

Because every second we're apart,
My mind keeps going back.
To us sitting on the beach,
Our toes touching and digging into the sand.

Or during the weekend,
Your soft hand in mine,
When I easily could reach close,
To kiss those sweet tender lips of yours.

You give me that funny feeling,
That no one could really explain,
To say it feels like "butterflies",
Would do you a disgrace.

Your sweetness and your kindness,
Make me grin so big,
I hope you stick around,
I'd be happy if you did.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Los Angeles

Walking down Wilshire Blvd.,
Neon signs shine so bright.
They tell the tale of man's hard work,
L.A fervently slaving through the night.
This city will crush,
Even the toughest of souls.
But at the right place and time,
It can also fulfill your brightest goals.
It smells and its ugly sometimes,
Depends on the day.
But the sun shines brightly,
Doesn't matter straight, bi, or gay.
Here you get what you put in,
Quite literally at times.
And you're lucky to eat,
If you have a single dime.
Only time will tell your story,
L.A will put you through.
If you're lucky and persistent,
Your time will eventually come too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reminders of You.

I'm reminded of you everywhere I go.
Like a familiar red wine on my lips,
From days, weeks, years long ago.

A trip to the store,
I see people we knew.
Together we were strong.
Like a family or a hive of bees,
Just us two.

Most days I do miss you so.
Walking on the beach,
Black dog tugging on the leash.

I'll never forget,
The many cold winter days.
You would come to my rescue,
When my life was so black and gray.

As I sit here,
The sand fleas jump and bite.
Reminds me of how much we did argue and have our stupid fights.

Although it's slowly becoming all too clear,
That you now tried to flee my love from the start,
The times we did share together,
I will always hold close to my heart.

I know I'll still be reminded of you,
Wherever I go.
But I'm strong and I'll try to smile in your honor and always continually grow.