Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving Forward.

I'm trying to move forward,
But you keep bringing me down.

One step to go til' I am free,
But 2 back every time you call,
Another frown.

I know I can't blame you for us ending up like this,
But when it comes to telling the truth,
Some people just don't click.

Don't get me wrong,
Making love is what we were meant to do.
It's just too bad,
I can't always live my life next to you.

Time for you to go your way,
And I'll go mine.
Maybe some day,
We'll find a little more time.

I love you and that will never change,
Keep moving and running,
And crack a smile for once...
Would that be strange?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

America. Land of the Free, Home of the Slaves.

We are America.
We drown our emotions,
Instead of embracing them.
Taking pride,
In others pain and misery.

We are America.
Where dreams go left untold.
We're left to reap and sow,
And eat corn not fit for cattle.

We are America.
We look up to those with power in vain.
When enough is never enough,
And important things like our homes and families,
Are in disarray.

We are America.
Where propaganda rules the way.
The rich will always succeed.
And the poorer get poorer every day.

We are America.
Turn the T.V. off for Gods sake.
You'll never ever be like them,
Pick up a book,
And read a page from it,
Or pray.

We are America.
Land of the Free,
Home of the Slaves.
Urgency to do a lot,
But very little is done because we're fat,
Depressed and enslaved.

We are America,
We go to work each day.
To feed the greed as drones,
To make ourselves feel good about what we don't do to help others,
It's insane.

We are America.
So much is at stake.
We live in a country,
That has a third world country living inside of it,
So who's to blame?

We are America,
Land of the Free,
Home of the Slaves.
Change is irrelevant.
We must seize each and every day.

Know Too Much.

I like to know,
More answers than I need to know.
I spin in circles so long,
And watch the grass grow.
I catch your whispers,
As they come through the trees.
Some go right by me,
Some hurt,
Like a yellow wasp sting.
I can't help,
The way I feel.
I know too much,
Please let me heal.
I'm at your every,
Beckon call.
I'd like to stop it,
But you've made me feel so small.
Knowing too much,
Has it's perks.
But knowing too little,
Means forever,
You stay in the middle.