Monday, November 26, 2012

Guardian Angel

She is the moon,
The stars,
and everything to me.

A radiant beam,
She softly speaks in my dreams.

Come to me,
Take my hand,
Let's run away,
She says.

It's Christmas time,
Don't lay in bed.
Get up,
Get up,
And come on down.
It's time for us,
To turn some frowns.

Let's spread our joy,
And love today.
Because the little ones need us,
To laugh and play.

I jumped out of bed,
To my dismay.
She was not there,
I looked every which way.
As I looked around,
All up and down,
I still could not find her,
So I finally knelt down.

I prayed real hard,
Asked God,
Why me?
I thought she came,
To me in my dreams?

As I opened my eyes,
I felt warmness within,
I looked out the window,
With an enormous,
Fat grin.

It started to snow,
And as I turned around,
I thought she was there,
But it was just a sound.

I knew then and there,
It was up to me.
To go out and rescue,
The ones on their knees.

Give them my joy,
Through love and delight,
Take away their pain,
Fear and their fright.

My moon and my stars,
I saw in my dreams,
My guardian angel,
Living through me.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Mornings

The quiet of the morning,
Is a time to be treasured.
Baby stirs in mommy's tummy,
Coffee percolates.

The fog has come to visit us,
It's chilly this autumn morn.
But we are safe,
And she soundly sleeps,
The kitty softly moans.

These small treasures of life,
Worth waking up for everyday,
Overshadowed by worldly cares,
Of things that don't mean anything.

If I could go back and change I would,
I'd sleep less and work more I think.
But that is then and this is now,
And for now,
We live to sing.

Big blessings came,
And we are fine.
My spirit humbly speaks.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mothers & Daughters

She will always be,
A little girl,
In her mothers eyes.

From the moment,
Born in her arms,
The memory still makes her cry.

From her first tooth,
To her teddy lost,
Mom was always there.

There was nothing,
She wouldn't do,
To show you that she cared.

Although she tried,
She wasn't perfect,
Life was hard along the way.

But she never quit,
Believed in you,
And fought for you still to this day.

On those nights,
When you feel alone,
Stop for a moment and pray.

Because she is always near,
And still there for you,
Her spirit lives through you always.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr.

Distant Memory

In time,
I will be healed.
But for now,
It is misery.

No sooner I will miss you,
That you'll be a distant memory.
A rain droplet in a foggy autumn mist,
Lost to the earth.
An experience,
A heart wrenching pain.

A love that remains a vow,
To never miss you again.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Truth speaks to me in my sleep.
I toss and turn,
Can't sleep a wink.
I take a breath,
And let it out.
I wonder if,
I have my doubts.
These days and nights,
Are all the same.
I think of what,
I cannot change.
There is no end,
There is no start.
To what we are,
If truth is not.
One can try,
Life's not in vain.
This world needs us,
This world needs change.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Goodbye to you on the wayside.

Barren trees line the road.

Distant memory.

I cannot sleep,
I cannot speak.

It'd be a sin to say what I need to say,
In your eyes,
But they don't see me anyways.

The rust colored sunbeams are breaking through.

But I'm cried out.

©Manny Sanoja, Jr

Monday, September 17, 2012


Her face is outlined by the warm,
Dancing candlelight.
Illuminating her features,
I can't help but stare.

She's soft in silence,
With few words to spare.
But I don't need much from her,
I know she cares.

Flames dance and flicker,
We laugh and flirt.
My heart sends whispers,
That are silently heard.

A dreamy night,
But not alone.
A visitor lingers,
Our lives unfold.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


You're not beautiful.

You're breathtaking,
In every single way.
The way your mouth moves,
The way your hips sway.

You hair is perfect,
Your skin tone too.
Before we'd met,
I dreamed I'd marry you.

People say,
Beauty lies inside,
But I'll refute.
Because there's no mistaking,
That you're not just cute.

When we go out,
People stop and stare.
And it's not for me,
You have that flare.

A quiet and calm demeanor,
But an inferno inside.
A burning fire,
Passion running high.

You may not even know it,
But hell,
I sure do.

That's exactly why,
I just love you.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


You learn a lot about yourself,
Summer night staring at the sky.
Smell of bon fires below,
Wood burning smoke lingers high.

The breeze just right,
Brushing gently on my face.
It feels so damn good,
To take a break from the race.

I'm glad to be sober this night,
Because I spent so many years,
Scared and belligerent in fright.

To have come out alive,
Is a miracle in itself.
Head and skin still connected,
Another hand is dealt.

I'll never be the same,
Now that this life's not in vain.
I'll never look away,
From the past I live today.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I loved you before I met you,
Never a doubt in my mind.
That one day we'd be together,
That one day you'd be mine.

Before you loved me,
You never even knew.
That I was already dreaming,
Contemplating us two.

A vision of you in white,
Walking by my side.
My fantasy delight,
Our children flying kites.

It's nostalgic to think back,
At what life was like.
Before I met you,
I hadn't gotten life quite right.

Because see,
You complete me.
In every single way.
When we aren't connected,
I can't focus on my day.

We aren't just friends,
We are bonded in a sweet and special way.
I could never just explain because,
We're connected through our veins.

When I think of you,
I remember our first date.
I was so happy and so nervous,
That I wanted to run away.

But you made me feel warm,
And I owe you everything to this day.
Because you basically saved me.
And I love you more for it,
In every possible way.

-For Mo.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Want To.

I want to walk with you along the sand,
Feet bump,
Fingers touch,
Your sweetness in my hands.

I want to feel you close again,
Miss love,
Beat up,
Heart is asking when.

You are meant for me.
And I,
Meant for you.
I'd be lying if I said,
I didn't daydream of us two.

I want to make you laugh to see your pretty smile,
Heart beat,
Palms weep,
Let's stay together for a while.

I want you to open up and tell me what's inside,
I care,
Deep stare,
I never want to make you cry.

Monday, July 16, 2012


A joy is born,
a spark of life.
This taste in my mouth,
A familiar flight.
Exhale deeply, 
Into life's pure delight,
Masked by a fear,
An unborn dream,
A risky fight.
I love you dearly,
But its too soon.
Search through the clouds,
I can't see a moon.
All around,
People stop and stare.
It's as If they know,
As if they care.
Words of wisdom,
Prayer so deep.
God is there,
This time at my feet.
The unknown lurks,
The unknown screams.
I'm begging,
Please rescue me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Missing Piece

She says she loves me and is committed,
But she's not here.
She says she wants and needs me,
Actions unclear.
Like me,
Love me.
Treat me like you're thinking of me,
Cause I'm a simple man,
And I just want you near.
Never want you to be someone you're not.
Cause I love you for you,
I stare at the clock.
Time is ticking,
On your feelings,
I can't help,
And stop from feeling,
I'm missing you and hope you feel the same.
Just missing you and hope you feel the same.
I'll dream of you,
Soon I'll be home again.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What, How, Where, Why.

What do you see when you look up at the sky?
Do you see lights in the distance,
Do you hear children cry?

What do you see when you look up at the stars?
Sometimes they're so close,
Sometimes they're so far.

How do you feel when you see the big clouds?
Slowly moving along,
Against the dark fog.

How do you feel when you lay your head down?
Does your heart beat out of your chest,
Do you feel big or do you feel small?

Where are your thoughts as you go through your day?
Do you do what you love,
Do you laugh,
Do you play?

Where are the ones who you hold oh so dear?
Are they with you or against you,
Do they love or instill fear?

Why do you wake up,
Why do you wait?

Why don't you listen,
Your life still awaits.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Real Me.

My thoughts are what feed,
Others to win.
I feel a responsibility,
That comes from within.

I won't ever lie,
I just don't need to.
Tell it like it is,
Because more people need to.

I've come a long way,
But sometimes look back.
Every time a mistake,
That throws me off track.

From experience I know,
Just what to do.
To understand fully,
That not everyone understands you.

I do what I can,
But usually more.
Because I'm constantly proving,
That life is no chore.

If I could take away,
Any of the doubt.
That my friends or family had,
Want to stand up and shout.

I just want to be loved,
And to give all the love that I have.
Help others succeed,
To be real,
Not a fad.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Need Someone.

You need someone to set you free.
To let you go,
Lift you up.

You need someone to let you fly.
No need to tie you down,
Put you down,
Make you cry.

You need someone to bring out your best.
To shine you up,
To make you better than the rest.

You need someone who understands you.
Who can take you for you,
But still see the best parts of you.

You need someone to help you work through.
Things that need working.
But who won't give up on you.

You need someone who loves growing together.
Because times will be hard,
Through rough weather.

You need someone to know you aren't perfect.
That the grass may be greener,
But through it all,
They know you are worth it.

You need someone.
A believer.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Call me out,
Give it back.
I won't stand,
For an attack.

Cut me down,
Turn me out,
Better hide,
Or stay inside.

I'm not mad,
Won't say a word.
Just watch out,
You may get burned.

I will win,
I always do.
Don't play me,
For a fool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Issues with trust,
Lied and lied to so much.
Friends and family,
loved ones,

Some day decide,
Whether to join them or hide.
Tired of feeling,
That feeling inside.

Won't go away.
Worse as it goes,
In their eyes,
In their face.

Sometimes they may know,
Sometimes they may not.
Most times they don't care,
On the inside they rot.

They walk through the streets,
With ordinary stares,
Then do ugly deeds,
And come home with no care.

Selfish behaviors,
Since they were young.

Enough is enough.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lie to me.

There comes a point in life,
Where you don't know who you can believe.
Lies pour down like rain,
Like a disease.

Infecting all that are enveloped,
Even those far away.
Another lie tearing loved ones apart,
To their dismay.

I say there comes a point in life,
Because we choose.
To get where we are depending on our truths.

Happiness doesn't depend on if we stray,
It just depends on if we can realign old ways.

We choose to spread,
Everything we say.
It's either true of false,
But lies remain.

It's your choice to lie straight to my face.
But just know this,
It's to your disgrace.

Friday, June 22, 2012


The evening sleeps quietly under the moon.

300 million rest,

New babies bloom.

Closing eyes,

Sleepy head.

I crawl into my big warm bed.

Upon this night,

I lay my soul to rest.

Yet a million thoughts race through my head.

Safe in bed,

I hear night noises.

Begging me to come explore.

But I am in between,

Dreamland and make believe.

Where the skies are blue and the grass is green.

Shadows dancing,

On the walls.

A fishing boat light,

Shines through the halls.

As the evening sleeps quietly under the moon,

I fall asleep in my cocoon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Have you ever looked out over the ocean into the dark sky on a summer night?
The stars look so real.
It's almost as if they know exactly how I feel.

I reach out to touch,
But stumble on the edge.
I slowly start to drift,
But catch myself on the cliff's ledge.

How'd I get here?
I'm no longer a stray.
Finally this once in life,
It seems I've found my way.

The past seems distant,
All that's left anew.
Life begins once again,
I'm finding clues.

No more sinking,
Sadness here.
All that's left is me,
My mind so clear.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rest Softly.

The waves crash down on the shore below,
Night falls,
Moon rises,
Dark waters flow.

Birds have quieted,
Sleeping in their nests,
As fish swim deep,
They softly rest.

Cats purr,
Owls awaken,
Dogs have done their best.
But for today,
They have stood the test.

God's creation calls all,
Who reap and sow,
A bit of rest to ease the soul.

Dreams still hang high,
Babies don't cry,
When morning comes,
Again we try.

Til then,
Don't weep,
You've done your best.
Lay your head down,
And meekly rest.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beautiful Love.

We are all beautiful,
Souls together as one.

Our power is more powerful,
Than anything under the sun.

Love and passion,
Echo our existence here.

Experiences abandoned,
Leave us unclear.

Nothing can stop us,
When we let go.

Amazing how many,
Will forever go with the flow.

Our individuality,
Is what makes us.

Our actions speak loudly,
They create us.

Now and then we sway,
Our feet leave the ground.

But luckily we are saved,
Frown turned upside down.

Genuine love,
Is what matters most.

Crimson red history,
Sun sets on the west coast.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Very conflicted,
In more ways than one.
Road is fogged over,
Battle still not quite won.

Just when you got it,
It slips away.
Nothing is perfect,
We live day to day.

I see signs,
Bright as the sun.
But I'm sad to say,
I don't want to run.

Curiosity is the devil,
Disguised in white clothes.
Ready to reveal,
What you shouldn't know.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Beautiful full moon over head,
Watch over me as I lay in bed.
Give me a piece of your power,
I promise to live in every hour.
Guide my path with your bright light,
Giving way to worldly sights.
Deliver me from all my cares,
And into a world of clean, crisp air.

Beautiful full moon over head,
Bring lost souls back from the dead.
Take them by the hand tonight,
Let them know that they'll be all right.
In your presence we bow down,
To us,
You wear the crown.

Beautiful full moon over head,
Watch over me as I lay in bed.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother Earth.

How beautiful the tides,
In their blue hues they flow,
Crashing down on soft sand below.

Just as a feather in the wind,
The foam and fog envelop the land within.

Hummingbirds fervently gathering,
Tiny birds chirp and sing.

This beautiful land and sea all around,
Mother Earth perilously beckoning.

While life moves on,
On land and sea,
Humans may be too blind to see.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Punish Me.

The more people don't understand me,
The more I push them away.
The more hurtful words they use against me,
The more I stop listening to what they say.

The more I cry out for help,
The more they kick me down.
The more good I try to do,
The more they do to make me frown.

The more they don't why,
The more they will ultimately cry.
The more jealous they are inside,
The more a piece of their soul dies.

The more their world crumbles,
The more angry that they get.
The more they realize things don't go their way,
The more they punish me instead.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Is My Home?

Where is my home?
It's been lost along the way.

The streets are no longer tree lined,
The warm motherly love faded away.

Senses dulled by irresponsible mistakes,
Feelings left at the door.

To say 2 words,
I'm sorry,
Would certainly put her on the floor.

Where is my home?
It's been lost along the way.

I've wandered for so long and I've wondered,
If I'll ever find my own way.

Life has changed but the story is the same,
We live to find truth or live in vain.

To wander alone is not a mistake,
But to live in isolation,
Your heart will surely break.

Where is my home?
It's been lost along the way.

There's people who still live there,
But I'm afraid I don't know them anyway.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Story.

I know I'm guilty of every positive thought I've said,
But that's one reason I'm able to get out of bed.

I've taken my life back after its taken me in,
For once I'm not in an out of control spin.

I can't help myself from hiding,
From people and family that lie to me nightly.

It's no longer my mission to always win,
Instead I focus on being delivered from all my sins.

I'd rather be the person to say I'm sorry,
Than live in guilt my whole life denying.

You don't have to like the things that I say,
It's my story and my hope you relate in some way.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Be Your Best.

Don't go to sleep before the day is done,
You're not done until the battle's won.

There are so many hours in the day,
There are other times to laugh and play.

Your mind is begging for a task,
Ignore it too long and you may just not last.

What you think is right,
Most likely is not.
Your subconscious knows you better,
Better than you thought.

Trust yourself but listen first,
Talk is cheap,
So get immersed.

You'll have your chance,
To get your rest.
But first just try,
To be your best.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wanna Be With You.

Just wanna be with you,
Nobody else.

Life can wait a minute,
Put it back on the shelf.

Kiss and smile,
Hold my hand,
Let's live life in this warm sand,

I just wanna be with you right now.

Summer's here,
let's have some fun.
Try not to worry school is done.

For once no stress,
Put your mind at rest,
I just wanna be with you right now.

The time is right for,
A free day.
There is no tomorrow,
So let's just hit play.
Work can wait for the next day.
This life is short,
Not to live it your way.

Just wanna be with you,
Nobody else.

Life can wait a minute,
Put it back on the shelf.

Kiss and smile,
Hold my hand,
Let's live life in this warm sand,

I just wanna be with you right now.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cold World.

This is a cold, cold world.
Please give me something to hold onto.
This is a cold, cold world.
Please give me strength,
This is a cold, cold world.
We need something to believe in,
This is a cold, cold world.
Together we can all be great.
This is a cold, cold world.
Nothing in this world is fair.
This is a cold, cold world.
You try hard but no one cares.
This is a cold, cold world.
Just when you get a little.
This is a cold, cold world.
Your livelihood is at stake.
This is a cold, cold world.
Sometimes memories are all that's left.
This is a cold, cold world.
But that's all we really need.
This is a cold, cold world.
To take what we've been given.
This is a cold, cold world.
And turn it into something great.
This is a cold, cold world.
Sometimes life is flat out hard.
This is a cold, cold world.
We need to remember why we're here.
This is a cold, cold world.
A world where hate runs rampant.
This is a cold, cold world.
And love is violently feared.
This is a cold, cold world.
Please stand with me.
This is a cold, cold world.
Please take my hand.
This is a cold, cold world.
For by myself I am a powerful man.
This is a cold, cold world.
But together we'll make a stand.
This is a cold, cold world.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

You Are Gone.

I know,
You may have loved me.

And I know,
You may have cared.

Some days,
We felt so close.

But most days,
You weren't there.

I knew,
From the start.

That I was,
Just convenient,
At the time.

You lied,
Right from the start.

But that's ok,
Cause you never got my heart.

So just turn around,
Hang upside down,
Cause you,

Just a mistake,
I took the bait,
But you,
Are gone.


I never knew the real you,
And that's so sad.
I know you never knew the real me too,
And it's just too bad.
It's just,

So just turn around,
Hang upside down,
Cause you,

Just a mistake,
I took the bait,
But you,
Are gone.


Through Another's Eyes.

It's amazing,
How we go through life,
Living the same way.

We can do so much good,
And so much bad,
But never change our old ways.

Until that day comes,
Where we see ourselves,
Through another persons eyes.

That our actions are finally clear,
And we can finally face our fears,
Letting go of our chains that bind.

It's amazing how we go through life,
Thinking we are doing right.
We go to work,
And raise our kids,
Go to church don't fuss and fight.

We pay our taxes,
And our mortgage,
On time every single month.

But until we see ourselves,
Through another's eyes,
We realize,
We were out of touch.

Time will only tell,
Hopefully we can change.

Because if we never do,
We'll only keep living the same way.

There's no chance to live,
In a way that we dream to.

If we can't see,
The person we truly are,
From another's point of view.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bright Future.

You're it for me,
What else can I do to prove it?
I've given you all my heart,
Let's go back to the start.

Step one is complete,
We have more than people ever dreamed.
For me and you,
The rest is history.

It's all about the little things,
Bigger picture will become clear,
As long as you stay near,
Good times will persevere.

Some of the best things in life,
Don't come without a little strife,
Some of the worries and cares,
Will eventually vanish into thin air.

Stay with me,
Stay with me for a while.
I know I am not what I will be,
But my future is bright through my smile.

Can't Say No.

I can hear them outside,
In their drunkenness and stupors.
Lights gleam reds and blues,
The reflections dangling around my eyes.

Can't say no,
Can't say no because the night is young,
And they're not dumb,
But hurt with nowhere to go except for here.

Nobody ever told them what they wanted to hear,
Except for a slap in the face,
Their weakness exploited,
Can't say no.

Radio echoes,
And cuffs clang.
Dogs bark and I'm changed.

Thank God I am changed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing To Say.

Is it that you just don't have anything to say,
Or don't care enough to try?
I can't seem to tell as I look into your eyes.

Deep colors emanate pain and loss.
I can't help your past through unworried chaos.

Know that I can't help your future,
If you always remain the same.
So much of your new efforts,
Will only end in vain.

I know the passion I want and need from you is inside.
Kiss me like you mean it dammit,
hold my head and mouth to yours,
It's only right if it makes you cry.

Tell me you love and need me,
And that life without me would just move too slow.
Tell me that you believe in me,
And that with me in your life we'll only both grow.

With nothing to say,
You make me feel so lost.
These long summer days and nights,
Sometimes could make me feel crossed.

I am not the one,
I don't like to guess.
I for one,
Do need, want, and love you,
And would not be able to live without your sweet caress.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lonely Soul.

I will always be lonely,
Even when I'm good.
Few souls touch mine,
In a way that they should.
Gentlest breeze,
A puff of air,
Could blow me over,
On days that I'm scared.
But the days of being scared,
They have been too much.
For a lonely soul like mine,
Looking for a crutch.
An escape,
A plan,
A moment,
A stare,
Anything to release me,
From this material world of cares.
I shed tears of fire,
Burning as they come through.
Igniting the love I have inside of me,
The longing for something to hold on to.
What I ask is not too much.
It is simply what humanity wants,
But are too scared to touch.
Lay this lonely soul to rest,
For one year,
It's stood the test.
For the next,
We wait and see.
I may just have to rescue me.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've always been a dreamer,
Since I was a boy.
I'd stand outside on clear,
Cold nights,
And look up at the sky.

Sometimes I'd see shooting stars,
And think,
They answered my dreams.
Soon they will come,
And they will rescue me.

I've never dreamed of having less,
Than anything that is not the best.
To be a professional at least,
I knew someday I'd pass life's tests.

Never did I know,
That it would be this hard.
To have big dreams,
Is to be brave enough to bear big scars.

I never look back,
To see what is left.
I sleep warm and soundly,
Breathing in my dreams,
And all their depth.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Closing eyes,
Beating heart.
Reach for you,
Two worlds apart.

East vs. West,
I sleep first,
The sun comes up,
Love is at work.

Sweaty palm,
Clammy hands.
Stumble words,
Panic attack.

Dream by day,
Dream by night,
Dream you're with me,
Dreary twilight.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Echoing heartbeat.
Murmur in the distance.
Patter like the waves,
Nipping at coarse sand,
Warm sun beating softly like a drum.
My mind re-calibrates,
as equilibrium deteriorates from your distant memory,

Yet so far,
a trophy gleams from it's win.
Shiny gold,
For everyone to see.
I hold you up and smile in your glory.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Future in Your Eyes

I see my future in your eyes,
In my mind,
I've said those words a thousand times.
Sure as the rising sun,
And the changing tides,
I'm drawn to you,
Your beautiful eyes.

When I was younger,
On most days,
I only dreamed I'd be here,
in this place in time.
I only dreamed I'd see my future,
In your eyes.
But through life's toils,
I'm here with you.

To say I'm thankful,
Is unjust,
I cannot explain,
Why I love you so much.
You shine so brightly,
In a dimly lit world,
Of lies, deceit, lust and more.

I see my future in your patient eyes,
In my mind I've said those words a thousand times.
I only dreamed of being in this place in time,
I only dreamed you would be mine.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Morning Dew.

The morning dew is something that gives me hope as it lays softly in the crisp morning air.

Slowly floating,
waning over the freshly sprinkled hill and mountain side from spring rains.

Like a natural breath,
it invigorates and stirs the soul.
Awaking new senses.

Fresh droplets hang on the leaves of the sturdy,
elegant oaks.
For centuries they've been the foreground of natures glorious living painting,
anchored deep into the earth.

Squirrels playing their game of chase,
give way to the sun slowly peeking through the cleansing dew.

Giving the living world a glimmer of tender,

eternal bliss.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Physical beauty will one day fade,
But beauty of the heart will remain the same.

A rose will bloom and be fragrant at it's peak,
but it's roots stay strong,
even through intense summer heat.

There will always be beauty in the rose,
even without a flower.
Because it relies on instinct, truth, love, faith and power.

Through the months of drought,
there will be doubt,
beauty can be elusive.

Seek not what is on the surface,
Seek truth and love.
May your roots be strong,
For winter will eventually come.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Here We Are.

Here we are.
There's only today.
We don't what tomorrow will bring.
Here we are.
Two people in time.
God only knows,
What remains on our plate.
Here we are,
Some lost in their ways,
Waking to find,
They're stuck in the same place.
Here we are,
Cold hand in mine.
Warm heart.
Big dreams.
Big love.
Here we are.
There's only today.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sleep with Angels.

Sleep with the Angels,
Dream sweetly and softly.

Let your heart and mind rest,
As love fills your chest.

As you close your eyes,
Sing alleluia's and slowly drift away,
To a land where green meadows are flowering,
Mind sets aside any gray.

Here you may live in the moment,
You've finally arrived.
It's a beautiful place,
Your feet wade in the warm tide.

As you feel the warm suns penetrating rays,
You feel your self smile,
Born again,
In so many happy ways.

Sleep with the Angels,
Dream sweetly and softly.

Let your heart and mind rest,
As love fills your chest.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Beautiful Woman.

You are a beautiful woman,
Inside and out.
I love the way you look at me,
I love your tender lips,
And how they pout.

At any given time,
When I'm with you.
I look into your brown eyes,
And can't help to say I love you.

You are a beautiful woman,
From your head to your toes.
Your skin is smooth as silk,
Your essence simply glows.

I laugh when I'm alone,
When I think of you.
Your beauty is so undeniable,
I constantly daydream of us two.

You are a beautiful woman,
Please crack a smile for me,
Kiss me long and deep.
They say that on Earth there is no heaven,
I say,
Heaven can always wait for me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Canvas of Life.

I have so many things on my mind daily,
that I don't know where to start.

Staring at life through a blank canvas,
I rely on my imagination,
Through intuition and my heart.

What I can't help,
I seem to constantly worry about.
But through dreams and love,
I'm able to usually work it out.

Dark clouds in the distance,
rumble and echo the ground,
Constantly shaking my faith.

It's as if God himself has yelled at me,
Telling me to stay true,
To be honest and to not be late.

Although every day brings trials,
Tests, and mistakes.
My canvas is being painted,
Through my own imagination,
Determination and strength.

Monday, March 26, 2012


We have to let the girls grow up to be women.
And the men to be men.
Diving in too early,
Will most likely mean the end.

Pluck a flower too early,
And it may wither away.
But pluck it when it's near bloom,
And it will open up to the sun's rays.

The most beauty in life can be found,
From nurturing and from care.
The most beautiful things in life,
May come,
From a beauty that may not be shared.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A new day rises on the horizon.
Dim light and cold air are brisk over the Pepper trees that have littered the sidewalks below.

The morning jetliners streaking across the sky,
CEO's and Billionaires off to their meetings of capitalizing on mass genocide of the innocent and poor.

Like a monster,
Teeth reflecting gold and silver,
Capital, stocks and bonds.

Only a fool would buy what they are selling,
But we are all fools who can't get enough.

Slapped in the face,
The sting of thievery is to many their morning cup of joe.
One after the other,
An endless journey of destruction.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marry Me.

If this world would give me the chance,
I could spend an eternity with you.

Forget about life right now,
The world will let us just be.
Time stops every time I am with you.

I want to spend,
Every waking moment of the day.
Basking in your glow.

Take my hand and we'll run away.
If we don't try we'll never know.

Marry me.
Stay with me today.
Marry me.
Forever and every day.
Marry me.
I promise to be yours always.
If you,
Marry me.

I've never ever felt this way.
I want to be lost in you.

If you'll be mine I'll promise to,
Be true and never let go of you.

Marry me.
Stay with me today.
Marry me.
Forever and every day.
Marry me.
I promise to be your always,
If you,
Marry me.

From the first time we kissed I always knew.
That you were the one for me.

For whatever reason,
I am not sure.

I'm just thankful for you loving me.

Marry me.
Stay with me today.
Marry me.
Forever and every day.
Marry me.
I promise to be yours always,
If you,
Marry me.

I want you to,
Always be happy,
Even though I know.
We both aren't perfect,
But through our love,
We'll always only grow.

Marry me.
Stay with me today.
Marry me.
Forever and every day.
Marry me.
I promise to be yours always,
If you,
Marry me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Melancholy Heart.

This melancholy heart knows no end to suffering.
Smiling eyes,
Beaming love,
Yet there is no covering.

Dirty hands,
Cannot be washed clean.
10 years have passed,
Fear reigns supreme.

How does it feel,
To feel so clean?
A homeless man,
Has more than me.

So much to give,
A life at stake.
One day will knock,
At the pearly gates.

Each day that passes,
Yet more mistakes.
This life is mine,
There is no fate.

Losing Love.

Back and forth you sway,
Never are you still.

A lion in her den,
You're guarded,
Waiting for your kill.

Inability to hold on,
To love,
Emanating your scent.

Your grasp let go again,
To feelings you should have spent.

It's much easier to blame,
Than to be blamed for losing love.
But we are who we are,
And for some that's not enough.

Let go of why,
We must let go to advance.

Because losing love is hard my friend,
You may never get a second chance.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


beaming heart,
smiling eyes,
life is fine.
tank top,
burning sun,
shorts and sandals having fun.
food and eating,
birds are singing.
up above,
high as a kite,
i'm feeling right.
top down,
looking up,
on the go,
go with the flow.
feeling burning,
gotta win,
spring begins.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love you.

Baby I love you.
You are my life.
My happiest moments mean nothing without you by my side.

I live and breathe through you.
Together as one.
Two souls intertwined pulled together under the sun.

Baby I love you.
Never will that change.
You make me a better person.
You make me a better man today.

When I think of you.
My hearts does flips.
Beats out of my chest,
I smile in bliss.

Baby I love you.
Smile for me.
I want to stay lost,
In your beautiful spirituality.

Monday, March 5, 2012

On Your Own.

I know so many people,
But have very few friends.
It's not a coincidence,
That few see who I am.

I never expect,
People to know,
But when they are wrong,
It's such a low blow.

I've tried and I've tried,
To be understood,
But I've realized in life,
There's only so much we can do.

If they can't figure out,
Who you were and who you are,
Then they probably shouldn't,
Call and ask where you are.

It can't be a surprise,
To know you have left,
And began a new life,
Without their consent.

Life's just too short,
To please everyone,
At some point you must,
Go out and be someone.

And when the day comes,
When you finally arrive,
You may look around,
You're finally alive.

It will finally occur,
Why you have been alone,
You just had to learn,
How to live on your own.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just want you near me always,
My love please take my hand.

I'll lead you down a beautiful path,
A life you've never had.

When we met,
We both had been accustomed,
To accepting a little less.

But when I caught a glimpse,
And our eyes met,
Never again would I accept second best.

You give me more,
Than I've ever had,
Words cannot express.
Being you has touched me,
In ways you can't imagine,
I love your sweet caress.

We both had been through,
So much before we met.
That when it was finally time,
God said that's enough,
I'll send you a safety net.

We fell but landed,
Perfectly in each others arms,
To say thank you is not enough.
Roads collided dreams ignited,
Our path was a little rough.

You're all I ever want,
And all I ever need.
Baby you are my love,
You've found and rescued me.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where You Are.

I miss it when you don't say goodnight.
Call me old fashioned,
Say what you might.

I hang on every,
Word that you say.
And when none are said,
It must be leap day.

Forgetting is the same,
As insult to injury.
Remembering is loving,
I don't play childish games.

Even though you are near,
You still seem so far,
Blinking tortuous phone,
Opens up dirty, old scars.

My mind is young,
And heaven knows it can think.
Silly things,
Maybe it's time to get some sleep.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Early Bird.

You can't be mad at the early bird,
You could have gotten up early too.

Life is a funny thing,
It surely doesn't wait around for you.

Impreciseness could mean early death,
If not physically,
Then mentally at best.

The one who knows who's on their side,
Is the one who puts insignificance aside.

As the early bird wakes up,
and diligently leaves their nest,
The people still lay asleep,
Dreaming in a rest.

As they slowly,
Begin to rise.
They realize that someone,
Has already been up,
And beat them to the prize.

If only they had,
Been so adept,
They too would have won,
Instead of getting a little extra rest.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Connected to the Earth and all that's in it,
Connected to love and open hearts within it.
Connected to the people I meet,
Connected to the ones lost on the street.
Connected to people that hate me,
Connected to forgiveness, it saves me.
Connected to loss and pain,
Connected to understanding that nothing is in vain.
Connected to smiling faces,
Connected to underlying traces.
Connected to blank stares,
Connected to why I even care.
Connected to the moon and the sky,
Connected to them because that's how I get by.
Connected to the deep blue sea,
Connected to the towering trees.
Connected to the furry creatures,
Connected to the music speakers.
Connected to trying real hard,
Connected to falling real far.
Connected to an open heart,
Connected to a brand new start.
Connected to a bright future in sight.
Connected to never giving up the fight.


I feel your poison,
Slow torture infiltrating my way.
Burning sensation,
Crowding my happy rays.

Your life was lost through your own tragedy and pain.
Because you're dead inside,
You emanate poison that fills others veins.

When others work hard to please you,
You love to shoot them down.
Because it's the only thing that fills you up inside,
A commonality resembling the devil as you wear your old, wrinkly frown.

My passion to you is junk.
You say I don't do what I say.
But look at me and you,
There is no comparison,
Don't blame me for your failures,
You could have changed your foolish ways.

Take your poison,
And get out of my way.
I refuse to let you defile my brain.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Majestic Beauty.

She is quiet,
But her soul speaks loudly.

Passion beaming from within.

Looking out over the majestic ocean and horizon,
She breathes a sigh and cracks a small grin.

What goes on in her mind,
Are treasures that cannot be explained.

But for at least today,
She is content and lives vicariously for another day.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Far away,
Kiss on the cheek.

Wake up,
Dream of you,
Little sleep.

Reaching longing,
For your kiss.
2 more days,
Until pure bliss.

Touch still lingers,
On my skin.
Smell of you,
Fire within.

Every hour,
That you're gone,
I sit and count,
I'm so withdrawn.

Waiting for you,
2 more days.
Heart is aching,
Come home today.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Out of the Blue

Just before the first time I said I love you,
I was lost in an unforgiving world.
Taken away through dreams and visions of you.
I stepped out on the ledge and asked myself,
Constant as the changing weather,
Steady as the rising sun,
Floating above the clouds,
Falling through fears.
Loving through pain.

Friday, February 17, 2012


For the stars, moon and sun,
And for their light that guide my way.
Thankful for the trees, breeze, and ocean,
For without them,
Life would be so gray.

Thankful for living, breathing, eating,
And the little things God gives me every day.
Thankful for love, family and joy,
And special moments along the way.

Thankful for dark times, struggles, even sadness,
and the ability to pray.
Thankful for knowing that without those things,
I may be dead or still lost with no knowledge of what I know today.

Thankful for my teachers, parents, and loved ones,
Who have literally "put up with me" and my crazy ways.
Thankful for them mostly because,
They have always believed in me,
Throughout the long, sometimes tortuous days.

Thankful to my beautiful life,
That brings learning, meaning and change every single day.
Thankful that I am still here yearning,
For the challenges future and present that will come my way.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burning Cornea.

If you step away for a moment,
You may miss it.

Coming down before you know it,
Burning cornea glisten.

Living forever through the gaze,
A fiery red bomb in the distance through the haze.
Standing mesmerized,
So amazed.

If you step away for a moment,
You may miss it.

Coming down before you know it,
Burning cornea glisten.

Lost and Found.

I could never say,
That someone wasn't what I needed.
Life is curiously mischievous,
We plant seeds in each other,
We need it.

Meeting in the most,
Peculiar and odd ways.
Some stay friends forever,
Some will meet once and then they'll forever fade.

There are many people,
Who have come into my life.
Who I thank God so much for,
Because they made me see the light.

They changed the way I look,
But mostly the way I feel.
They made me see what I have inside,
So many things I had concealed.

I'm thankful but also hurt,
For gaining and losing friends.
I hope those lost will always know,
Just how much they helped me grow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Waste Away.

Waste away,
Go ahead and crumble.
While you're lost,
I'll be here humble.

I've been down,
Wasting too.
But now I'm up,
And don't long for you.

Waste away,
Just not with me,
Because I am found,
Now let me be.

Simple Life.

I dream of a simple life.
Where I wake up in the morning,
And the only thing I have to do,
Is go down to the beach with my wife.

I dream of a simple life.
Where there is no fear of failure,
And work no longer becomes a toil,
No pain hanging my head in failure late at night.

I dream of a simple life.
Where I get excited about the mundane,
Take my kids to the park and play,
And still can laugh through the clouds and rain.

I dream of a simple life.
Where I can write poetry, songs and sing for a living,
And still be valued and looked up to like wall street,
And not worry about not having enough money for giving.

I dream of a simple life,
Where smiles are plentiful and frowns are fined.
There are no parking tickets,
And police men are kind.

I dream of a simple life.

Without You.

Without you I am lost.
No end is in sight.
I've dreamed of holding you,
But nothing makes me feel right.

I still picture the way you looked at me,
When you said goodbye.
Your cold hand on mine,
Whispering those 3 words burned in our minds.

Without you I am lost.
I don't know what to do.
My body keeps going,
But my mind is lost in you.

I feel you in my heart,
As I go through my day.
But your presence never leaves,
It's as if deja-vu repeats itself to my dismay.

Without you I am lost.
Blank stare over the hues of dusk before night.
A canvas littered with memories of us,
Each visit cut short by life's daily strife.

Close my eyes and again I'm lost in you.
Your beautiful face and lips haunt my day.
Not much time has passed since I've last seen you.
And I'm already wasting away...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life Long Glory.

I see and hear things,
That you will never know.
I would try to explain,
But you would never understand,

I see colors,
As musical notation.
And hear original symphonies in my head,
Late night in bed,
On a normal rotation.

Sometimes I wake up,
In such a fright.
And I write down,
What I felt that night.

I'm connected deeply,
To every emotion.
From my own to others,
Even through all the worlds commotion.

I can tell,
When something's wrong.
Then without you knowing it,
It's in a song.

I see life pass by,
As a story.
And turn it into,
My life long glory.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Angel.

Nothing else before us matters.
Moments passing in time.
An angel from heaven,
God sent you to me in the nick of time.

The past is erased,
Now that you are here.
My angel,
My sweet love,
I always just want to hold you near.

You're a ray of light in a midst of thick dense fog.
Reflecting warmth and tenderness,
Like a beautiful love song.

My angel,
You're my lighthouse in a treacherous storm.
When rain is pouring and waves are pounding,
You safely bring me back to shore.

My angel,
Wrap me in your wings and take us away.
To a dream where time doesn't exist,
Where forever we can laugh and play.

Just thinking of your sweetness,
Brings tears to my eyes.
When your hand is in mine,
It's a force we can't deny.

My angel,
My love,
Always stay with me.
Our hearts are intertwined,
Our souls fused together permanently.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainy Day Love

Sweet warm breath on your golden skin,
Gentle, firm kiss
Now let's begin.

No rush here,
It's cold and rainy outside.
For the next few hours,
My body on yours,
We'll be warm inside.

Relax your head and arch your back,
Dig in deep,
The sky darkens to a dark jet black.

Today my job is to explore your world,
Touching you in places you've never been touched before.
Both feeling things,
We've never felt before,
If it's too much too soon,
I don't care,
Give me more.

If before I didn't believe in magic,
After you and today,
Our worlds aligned,
Making gray skies OK.

Kisses becoming stronger,
Legs going weak,
Clouds bursting with lighting and rain,
Thunderous peak.

Close your eyes,
Realize you're mine,
Dream softly and sweetly,
We have plenty of time...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Emphatic Heart.

Emphatic heart of mine,
Please leave me alone.

My mind and world have been changing,
I've found a new home.

Release me from your torturous grasp,
Please don't let me feel others pain,
It makes me gasp.

Emphatic heart of mine,
Please leave me alone.

Don't let me wonder why they work so hard,
To just go home.

Another day and another dollar,
With little to hold on to,
Without a mother maybe or a father.

Please don't let this empathy,
Dig at my heart and chest.
Let my mind be at ease.
Please let me rest.


In a square box,
Trash littered.
Remnants and crumbs,
Scattered about..
Savage beast,
Flying at 100 miles an hour.
One lie after the next,
Adding to the building mound of trash.
Animal on the loose,
Raising hell in the city.
From one victim to the next,
Bringing a facade of hope and light.
One crumb at a time.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Not Enough Time.

7 turns into 8,
8 quickly turns into 9,
Staring at the clock,
Am I running out of time.

So much pushing forward,
Feeling dragged in my tracks,
Momentum won't let me go,
Life won't allow for time to look back.

Breathe in to slow the pace,
Breathe out to get it done,
Clench your teeth to win the race,
In your mind the battle must already be won.

It's back and forth all the time,
A balancing act indeed,
Between constantly pushing forward,
And stopping in between.

Reflect for a bit,
Act on your dreams,
Remember to say hello,
And promise yourself to never quit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bleary Eyed Morning.

When I wake up with you,
I feel so complete.
Bleary eyed morning slumber,
Kiss your forehead and cheek.

Lay in bed hand in hand,
Listening to the waves crash and sea gulls passing by,
I pull you close and wipe the sleep from your eye.

Completely present in the moment,
One thing is clear.
We were meant for each other in this life,
No need to worry anymore in fear.

As the morning sun pokes out from hibernation,
A new day has dawned a new love spark creation.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Like and Love.

Like is a nice word,
But it's not what I mean.
Cause I want to say I love you,
But am scared that you'll leave.

I can't help it though,
It's just how I feel.
You've got me love struck,
My heart tells me it's real.

In all honesty,
It has been a short time since we've met.
But how else could I write these quirky lyrics if I didn't mean what I said?

My mind is on fire,
Feeling burns in my chest,
Pen can't write fast enough,
Love's such a beautiful mess.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Story.

Don't sacrifice your youth to live in someone else's glory.
You may only get one shot,
So tell your story.

This life flies by so hold on.
The bumps will come but only your gut will tell you when it's time to move on.
There's no other time than today.
So put your head down and let's pray.

Ask that we may have the strength to move on.
And that we will have faith and be strong.
Let others choose their own path.
Because you can get caught up and lose track.
Don't sacrifice your youth to live in someone else's glory.
You may only get one shot,
So tell your story.

Find Me.

I could lay here and look up at the sky forever,
Except no matter how many clouds I get lost in,
It wouldn't ever bring you back,
So I lay here and as another solitary tear leaves my pathetic eye,
My lips both quiver and I try to hold back a cry.
Changing times called for changing measures,
And although I know it's for the better,
It doesn't buy back the memories of you and I,
When we would hold each other and everything was fine.
Long roads are winding,
Dust trails blinding,
Look for me at the end,
I'll pray you find me.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Misery in Beauty.

Misery lies with misery,
Not much that you can do.

When you associate your self with death,
Then you will also eventually die too.

Slowly and painfully,
Your soul enveloping the cold,

The grasp of your so called friends,
Will bury you in the lye, maggot infested soil.

This is not a promise,
Or a dream wishing that you will rot.

Because your lies pierce through your beauty,
And what you hate you are,
Don't seem so distraught.

Many tried to help you,
So many times,
Including me.

But in the end nobody could help you to see,
That who you surround yourself with,
You will most likely be.

The only thing that can save you,
From misery in this beautiful life,

Is for you to eradicate all of those,
Who don't bring you beauty, hope and light.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost in the Sunset.

Lost in her touch,
The sun slowly sets.

As dolphins swim by,
Head lays on her chest.

Dark blue sky,
And traces of purple.

Off in the distance,
Thunder Bay waves crash,
Echoing murmur.

Beating heart,
And clammy hand holding mine.
Making memories of us,
Yet not enough time.

Sky is projecting,
A most beautiful day,
Bodies huddled together,
In just the right way.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't Look Back.

From the time I wake up,
To the time I go to bed,
I am my biggest investor,
Positive thoughts running through my head.

I don't look back,
I don't get scared,
My faith is strong,
Because I work hard,
I am prepared.

No task too big,
No challenge in sight,
Nothing I couldn't handle,
This life is a real fight.

Time is scarce,
But even worse,
This may be the last chance we have to do,
What we wanna do,
It's a blessing and a curse.

Live in the moment,
Don't give up on the day,
These memories we're creating,
Are part of what will guide your way.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Floating above the sea,
Sun rosy lips and sun kissed cheeks.

Happy up and up we go,
Smiles all around,
Not a single frown.

Even happy trees,
Waving in the wind,
Seem to take on the smiling spirit,
They have within.

Happy days,
Years months and years,
Sunset is near,
It's not a sin.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weak Minded.

Weak minded people,
Let's go from the start.
Will make you feel angry,
Because they have no heart.

Will smile and laugh,
Straight to your face,
Then scuttle and run,
Like a rat in a cage.

Weak minded people,
Deserve what they get,
They cannot control,
Themselves and forget.

They dig very deep,
Until they can't get out.
By that time it's too late,
Their lives in a drought.

Weak minded people,
Take all they can get.
And leave you with nothing,
Only full of regret.

They make you feel good,
Just for the time be,
Until they are done,
They'll run and they'll flee.

Weak minded people,
Are full of resent,
For giving up on their dreams,
They will always lament.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Edge of the Earth.

I walk along the edge of the earth.
Jagged cliffs, rocks and white caps wait below.
Toxic, mechanical weights zooming by oblivious to the beauty.

The sunset dips behind what looks like a razor clean skyline,
Purples and reds exploding like bombs and fireworks.
Taking it's time the Earth slowly falls asleep on the surface.
Leaving us a trail of scattered dreams, and broken hearts.
Some mended by faith others still tormented by stubborn minds.

The irreverent waves pound against the shore,
Splashing foam and the smell of a mixture of sea salt air and sewer my way.
Surprisingly enjoyable to my senses I inhale deep,
A somewhat filthy cleansing to my sun beaten soul.

Giving way to night,
The planets and stars start to poke through the black canvas of the night sky.
Small dots litter the horizon with Mr. Moon illuminating my face in dim light, glimmering along and guiding the tide.
I've always wondered what it takes to be at peace as I walk along the edge of the Earth.


Your dark, penetrating eyes invite me into your world.
A swirling concoction of fantasy and reality,
Hypnotizing me.

I'm drawn to you through a chemical reaction,
Skin touching skin,
Mouth to lips,
Sweat to sweat I can feel your heart beating against mine.

I inhale every part of you,
In hopes to absorb your high in my bloodstream.
Bringing me waves of your euphoric rush.
and over again I reach to you.
Trembling hand and heart.
I close my eyes and am lifted into a dream like state,
In which I never want to come back down.

Floating above the clouds.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've been comfortable staying put for so long,
I didn't even notice,
How many years were just gone.

The rain puddles built,
And stormy winds blew my way,
It's not a coincidence,
I sought to be numb on most days.

Staying inside was my protection,
From the grime and the dirt,
Of this worlds ethical infection.

Where nothing is held sacred,
And everything is a mess,
Cheating and lying are acceptable at best.

To stay comfortable is ok,
But not for too long.
To expand our horizon is not to do wrong.


I try to write,
But can't think of anything to say.
Life and love,
Thoughts shroud my day.

Decisions to make,
Never know if they're right.
To live in faith,
Is a delicate sight.
Carving the life you live,
From blood and bones,
Can you honestly say,
That you've given all you can give?

Life and Love,
What does it all mean?
I step out the door,
Every day is a new scene.

See the new faces,
That come every day.
Some touch me right,
Some get in my way.

I'm anxious about everything,
Over analyzing is my skill,
Been a profession for years,
I've had more than my fill.

No matter the pressure,
It all comes back to,
living and learning,
Yet I still have no clue.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Promise You.

I promise to love you forever,
And not just until we die.
Our hearts together as one,
A permanent picture of you burned in my mind.
You've visually stunned me,
In every single way.
And emotionally made me,
Into the man I am today.
I love you so much,
I wish you would know.
The feeling I have,
When we make love holding you so close.
It's as if a higher power meant,
For us to share this life together.
I know it is true,
Heaven couldn't possibly be better.
When you're not around,
I don't know what to do.
I flip through the channels,
But they all remind me of you.
No amount of money could buy,
The love I have for you.
Eternity has nothing on us,
You'll forever be my boo.
When the time eventually comes,
When death comes our way,
I want your hands on mine,
As I slowly pass away.
Don't shed too many tears,
Don't be too dismayed,
Because our souls are eternally fused,
Not even God can take that away.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Mysterious mind,
Mysterious heart.
I wouldn't mind,
To find where you start.
Mysterious as the northern lights,
You are so deep,
Let's stay up all night.
Mysterious mind,
Mysterious heart,
Walk together,
Never apart.
Slowly down the gravel way,
Leading to a dim, dark cave.
Never knowing what you may think,
I have a feeling,
My heart may sink.
Mysterious mind,
Mysterious heart,
What happened to you that made you so dark?
I know that you're holding back.
Give yourself up,
Cut yourself some slack.
Mystery goes such a long way,
But at what point does it,
Begin to fray?


From your grasp,
I start a new.
Feels as if ten years have passed,
But not even two.
Trembling hand finding grip,
Wobbly legs,
Try not to trip.
Clotted blood now runs free,
A doctor though,
They may not see.
Released from a most frightful dream,
Of long days and nights,
I'd try not to scream.
I'd say lord please release me from this place,
Where I can never find,
The right words to say.
Release the feeling of being stuck again,
In a circle of death,
Torture and sin.
The paths now clear,
I see through the fog.
It's breaking through,
The L.A. smog.
Squinting slightly,
I begin to grin.
Although a new wrinkle,
May have settled in.
From your grasp,
I start a new.
Feels as if ten years have passed,
But not even two.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Mine.

It helps that you're beautiful.
It's a blessing that you're kind.
There's never a single doubt,
Why you are constantly on my mind.

I find myself always,
Daydreaming of us.
On our beach hut in Cabo.
Picturesque photo of us during dusk.

Warm blue water,
And fine sandy bay,
Every time that I think of you,
I exhale in such dismay.

Because every second we're apart,
My mind keeps going back.
To us sitting on the beach,
Our toes touching and digging into the sand.

Or during the weekend,
Your soft hand in mine,
When I easily could reach close,
To kiss those sweet tender lips of yours.

You give me that funny feeling,
That no one could really explain,
To say it feels like "butterflies",
Would do you a disgrace.

Your sweetness and your kindness,
Make me grin so big,
I hope you stick around,
I'd be happy if you did.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Los Angeles

Walking down Wilshire Blvd.,
Neon signs shine so bright.
They tell the tale of man's hard work,
L.A fervently slaving through the night.
This city will crush,
Even the toughest of souls.
But at the right place and time,
It can also fulfill your brightest goals.
It smells and its ugly sometimes,
Depends on the day.
But the sun shines brightly,
Doesn't matter straight, bi, or gay.
Here you get what you put in,
Quite literally at times.
And you're lucky to eat,
If you have a single dime.
Only time will tell your story,
L.A will put you through.
If you're lucky and persistent,
Your time will eventually come too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reminders of You.

I'm reminded of you everywhere I go.
Like a familiar red wine on my lips,
From days, weeks, years long ago.

A trip to the store,
I see people we knew.
Together we were strong.
Like a family or a hive of bees,
Just us two.

Most days I do miss you so.
Walking on the beach,
Black dog tugging on the leash.

I'll never forget,
The many cold winter days.
You would come to my rescue,
When my life was so black and gray.

As I sit here,
The sand fleas jump and bite.
Reminds me of how much we did argue and have our stupid fights.

Although it's slowly becoming all too clear,
That you now tried to flee my love from the start,
The times we did share together,
I will always hold close to my heart.

I know I'll still be reminded of you,
Wherever I go.
But I'm strong and I'll try to smile in your honor and always continually grow.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Falling Fast

Falling fast,
Like a tree in a wooded forest without warning,
I look up to see you coming towards me.

I want you so much it hurts my body to even think of you.

The thought of running my fingers across your tan,
Smooth skin is like a direct lightning strike to my inner core,
Igniting a fire inside that I can't control.

Falling fast,
Meteor in the night sky entering the Earth's atmosphere,
A glowing red dust trail burning in the distance is all that remains to be seen.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Real You.

The real you,
Is someone who stares up at the stars at night,
Black, cool and bright white light casting dim shadows on your face.
Dancing in the glow of the moon.

The real you,
Is someone who runs free.
Jumps up,raising your hands to the sky and screaming at the top of your lungs on a hot summer day.
For no apparent reason.
Sweat dripping while the smell of the palo verde trees still fresh from the monsoon rain on the warm and bright red southwest soil linger.
Your heart races.
Because you feel so good.

The real you,
Loves without question or reason because you know what it's like to have it taken away suddenly.
Like a trap door,
Slamming shut.

The real you,
Is unable to comprehend worry, despair and loneliness anymore.
You left it behind,
Like an eagle leaving it's young, to fly into the world to find it's way...
To explore and to feed.
To conquer.

Welcome to no longer simply existing.
You are alive.
You are the real you.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving Forward.

I'm trying to move forward,
But you keep bringing me down.

One step to go til' I am free,
But 2 back every time you call,
Another frown.

I know I can't blame you for us ending up like this,
But when it comes to telling the truth,
Some people just don't click.

Don't get me wrong,
Making love is what we were meant to do.
It's just too bad,
I can't always live my life next to you.

Time for you to go your way,
And I'll go mine.
Maybe some day,
We'll find a little more time.

I love you and that will never change,
Keep moving and running,
And crack a smile for once...
Would that be strange?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

America. Land of the Free, Home of the Slaves.

We are America.
We drown our emotions,
Instead of embracing them.
Taking pride,
In others pain and misery.

We are America.
Where dreams go left untold.
We're left to reap and sow,
And eat corn not fit for cattle.

We are America.
We look up to those with power in vain.
When enough is never enough,
And important things like our homes and families,
Are in disarray.

We are America.
Where propaganda rules the way.
The rich will always succeed.
And the poorer get poorer every day.

We are America.
Turn the T.V. off for Gods sake.
You'll never ever be like them,
Pick up a book,
And read a page from it,
Or pray.

We are America.
Land of the Free,
Home of the Slaves.
Urgency to do a lot,
But very little is done because we're fat,
Depressed and enslaved.

We are America,
We go to work each day.
To feed the greed as drones,
To make ourselves feel good about what we don't do to help others,
It's insane.

We are America.
So much is at stake.
We live in a country,
That has a third world country living inside of it,
So who's to blame?

We are America,
Land of the Free,
Home of the Slaves.
Change is irrelevant.
We must seize each and every day.

Know Too Much.

I like to know,
More answers than I need to know.
I spin in circles so long,
And watch the grass grow.
I catch your whispers,
As they come through the trees.
Some go right by me,
Some hurt,
Like a yellow wasp sting.
I can't help,
The way I feel.
I know too much,
Please let me heal.
I'm at your every,
Beckon call.
I'd like to stop it,
But you've made me feel so small.
Knowing too much,
Has it's perks.
But knowing too little,
Means forever,
You stay in the middle.