Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Are Family

We are a family,
Like a group of lions we are.

Ferocious, yet sweet,
we watch out for each other from afar.

No matter where we are,
We always will be safe.

Just a phone call away,
A surprise visit for Dad's sake.

We are a family,
Like leaves in a tree that fall.

Sometimes battered and bruised,
But through each other,
nothing can hurt us at all.

Through rough storms and wind,
We've all been through so much.

But nothing that could possibly,
Keep us apart or lose touch.

Our roots run so deep,
Our love is so thick,
We have more than others ever imagined,
Through strength we just click.

We are family,
Stay faithful and strong,
Our pack is always ready,
To help each other not fall.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Lovely, Sweet Dear.

How could I not know you,
yet I think of you so much?
I feel you in me,
and we have barely even touched.
I see your smile,
and I smile too.
No need even to say that I love you.
Words are there without being said,
On days that you're with me,
I no longer feel scared.
The waiting is over,
now that you're here.
My heart in your hands now,
my lovely,
sweet dear.