Thursday, April 14, 2011


Let them in just enough,

I feel it's a crush,

Internally damaged,

A smart one calls my bluff.

Not too far gone to fix,

But far enough to stay away,

This heart of mine may never,

Be healed enough for one to stay.

I think I've got something here,

Not too far or near,

Gray areas a shade,

Of where my life is at today.

But you would never guess,

Unless you would certainly know,

Exactly how it feels,

In this brain and soul that is home.

Two headed thoughts,

Good intentions not enough,

A strong heart is good,

But with no action,

Makes life just too damn rough.

I wait for the day,

For someone to press,

Deep in my heart,

To let it release,

Or so I pray.

Shit, dammit it to hell,

Just caught myself right then,

The human behavior,

Just hit me again.

See the problem usually is,

We think and we wait,

For someone to save us,

From our weakness we hate.

I'll let it go now,

Let's start fresh and new,

Internally combusted,

Good bye,
Au revoir,

I bid you adieu.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Feigning Kiss.

I love how you touch me,
I just want more and more.

You've got me addicted,
like a drug in my veins,
straight deep to my core.

I'm not sure that I want it,
but you've made me just need it,

I'm feigning for you,
but yet I just can't quite feed it.

Mmmm the way that you kiss me,
takes my stress all away,
releases me from life,
no running today.

Just stay for a while,
don't leave me this way,
you've got me so keep me,
so I don't run away...