Saturday, April 9, 2011


I remember having you.
Remember you having me.

Together doing nothing,
Was our favorite place to be.

I remember Saturdays,
And rainy days,
I remember loving you,
Even with all your crazy ways.

I remember you,
Taking care of me,
When I was at my lowest,
You would come,
I remember you saving me.

I remember laying down,
Next to you,
So many nights,
I remember telling you,
My hopes and dreams,
After we turned out the lights.

I remember you telling me,
What you wanted to always be,
I remember you saying,
The stage is meant for me.

I remember you touching me,
In ways that I never thought could be.
I even remember how many times,
You told me you wanted to marry me.

I remember certain times I shouldn't want to remember,
But I know in my heart,
Those times have made us better.

Most of all,
I remember,
The times we had,
Will last forever.
I know that,
Wherever we will be,
That we will always remember,
The time of you and me.