Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easy Goin' Lovin.

Every day I wake up,
Doesn't have to be perfect.
Every day the sun doesn't have to be shining,
As long as I'm next to you.

Even though it's cloudy today,
It's still a beautiful day,
Here next to you.

Easy going with that acoustic sound,
Just me and you,
This love is found.

Simple as that,
That's all we need.
No need to get fancy with stuff that don't matter,
Cause all I need,
I've found in you.

Listen close to what I'm about to say,
Because when I say things like this,
I don't play.
You're all I want and all I need,
Stay next to me,
Our love will never fade.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Real or Fake.

What is real,
What is fake?

I cannot tell,
No I can't relate.

So many lies,
Told to me everyday,
That I don't even know,
What else to say.

What is real,
What is fake?

Where do we draw,
the line these days.

On what we do,
To get ourselves,
To where we wanna be some day.

Do you lie,
Do you cheat,
Do you steal?

Or do you sell something that's not even real?

What is real,
What is fake,

Which path,
Which road,
Will you go down today?