Friday, March 25, 2011


Scars won't heal from the past,
My fault.
They keep ripping open,
Revealing my fears,
I thought.
Thought I could forget
And just leave.

And when I'd come back,
Life would be fine.
Not me.

See things can't ever change,
Unless we change them.
Running is part of the problem,
I hate em'.

Why can't we just fix what we're afraid of,
Like in our dreams?
The ones where the skies are blue,
And the grass is green?

If it sounds too good,
Than it probably is.
Because if we woke up and our fears were gone,
We could never gain strength from within.

I've learned and grown to just live,
And work hard.
Fear will always be there,
But it just makes us strong.

Stronger than you've ever been before,
What you thought you'd never be,
You've become and more.

But unlike our dreams,
Life is real and we have to accept.
That things get rough,
And rise above the rest.

But first and foremost,
Don't ever leave.
Your fears are waiting,
And unless you fix them,
Will haunt your dreams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long, Cold Winter.

It's been a long, cold winter.
No end is in sight.

It's officially spring,
But clouds still mask the light.

Raindrops relentlessly,
Beating away,

My eyes feeling heavy,
With these dark skies,
So gray.

Looking out down below,
At the ants all around,

Living their dream,
With a big ugly frown.

I shout down below,
But they cannot hear,

Their engines are roaring,
Deafening my ears.

Hopefully the rain,
Will wash it all away.

The nonsense that is,
And bring blue skies my way.