Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me and You.

I wish I could.
Reach into your soul.
To give you what you need.
Feed you the life,
That I have inside of me.

Go back in time,
To re-write a lovely song...

The one that's laid out for you,
Is oh so ever wrong.

I barely can watch or bear,
Seeing you like this.

The pain that you are in,
Pains me,
So deep within.

If I could take your place,
I'd take the memories back.
Replace them with good ones,
Filling the space you lack.

My God,
I know so well,
What you're going through.

My heart feels and knows,
What it's like when you lose.

A part of me is lost forever,
Those ones I've left and loved.
All that we can do,
Is keep praying to God above.

Let your tears fall,
Fast and clean you out.
The time will heal the hurt,
But never cure the doubt.

Until then reach for me,
I'll reach out for you too.
Your hand in mine looks nice,
Not perfect,
But it feels oh so right,
Me and you.

I'll feed your hungry soul,
Each and every night.
My kisses run real deep,
Healing til your hearts delight.

Rest your head tonight,
Knowing all will be well.
Now that I am here,
This is where we can dwell.

Our hearts both intertwined,
Together finally as one.
Me and you forever,
Safe basking in the sun.