Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Fool.

You look like a star,
But you're just a fool.

Walking around the city,
Spending money you don't have,
So uncool.

Typical of you to fall right in,
The trap of the world,
What a waste,
What a sin.

Funny how things change.
Once a nice small town girl,
But now,
Dolled up,
Such a lame little game unfurled.

Too bad you couldn't remember where you're from,
Looks like the glitter and the lights,
Has got you burnt,
From the sun.

If people just only knew,
Who you really were,
I doubt you'd have any friends,
Just a silly girl.

I'm not bitter,
I'm just saying it how it is,
Something you should take a lesson from,
So you quit acting like a kid.

Cause when the world starts to crumble all around,
You know,
It's gonna be too late,
I won't be found.

You go ahead and hold on to your ray bans,
And skinny tights.
I'll be good without you,
And all the lame ass fights.

At the end of the day,
I know what's real.
And even if I don't have any friends,
It's chill,
No big deal.

Because I know who I am,
And where I'm from.
And if you don't fit that bill,
Do yourself a favor,
And stare up at the sun.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dark Clouds.

Let the rain and darkness roll in,
Clouds slowly drifting this way.

Cold day in February sets in,
Dark thoughts slowly creeping my way.

It's so typical this time of year,
That time when everything is cold and gray.

When nothing really feels good anymore,
Nothing good seems to come your way.

This familiar story is getting old,
The loneliness ridiculous in it's ways.

When all you're left with is your dreams
And a roof over your head,
That should be enough for the day.

But we live in a world where enough is never good enough,
More and more feeds our own dismay.

Because when we always want what we don't have,
Our spirits lose in every possible way.

There they are those clouds,
Winds blowing them harder now this way.

Time to turn these thoughts off for now.
Tomorrow will be ok.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I am.

So many new feelings pour out
From me inside...
No more wanting to hold back who I
No more reason to run and hide.

I am what I am,
What can I say?

What people will think,
Just doesn't matter anymore,

I am an artist, a lover, and writer
What ever else life throws my way,
I'll just calmly set aside.

And just pray to God to give me
another day,
To practice my love, my craft, and
my art to my best each and every
living day.

I'll never give up,
No back up plan.

The thought of losing,
Is not an option,

And you can too,
If you just practice hard too.
Focus more on doing,
Rather than saying what you wanna

Life's hard enough with all our trials,
Every day spent laboring,
Takes it's toll,
Never ending miles.

The time is NOW,
Let's walk the walk.
C'mon my friends,
Like I said,
Life's too short for talk.

I'll hold your hand,
If you hold mine too.
All the way till the end,

Just me and you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My way.

Can't get away from what's toxic.
You'd think she'd know by now,
She's nauseous.

Thinking of when he was with her,
When in reality,
She was really just a number,
Number 6? 5? 4?

I could have called it from a mile away,
Even your Facebook friends said, hey girl,
no way.

This guy is all a front,
Run away,
Sit tight.

There'll be another who wants you who'll love,
And stay up with you all night.

But you're so stubborn,
Like a Taurus with those horns,
You did whatever you wanted,
Now you're on the floor.

Curled up,
And crying,
Like the stupid one.

Saying I told you so,
It's just no fun.

blind by lust,
You couldn't see.
The real nice guy over there,
Begging to talk to you,
On his knee.

But guess what,
It's my story,
And I can write it this way.

And as you can see by now,
It's much too late.
The damage is done,
And you are gone,
This is my way.

Next time you should think and listen,
Before you let your actions speak.

And maybe then,
One day,
You can get your way.
Like me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Always you.

I love you.
Yes I do.
Deeper now.
Than I never knew.

God it's crazy,
How much I care.
Our hearts are like one,
Intertwined like a stare.

A stare where you can't look away,
Days and nights turn into years,
Forever with each passing day.

Finally the puzzle piece that went missing,
Turned up as we laid there kissing.

I know you've maybe heard this same love song before,
As if it's somewhat a bore.

But I know with you,
This love is real.

I know now,
I won't have to live in fear.

Cause you're the missing link,
My heart no longer feels as if it was weak.

And to just think you were there all along.
And it took us this many years to write our song.

I'm at least glad now,
That I know today.

That you're all I've ever loved,
Each and every single day.

Know that I'll always be here,
And neither of us will live in fear.

Cause I know you're the one,
My precious,
My love,
My darling dear.

Sweet, Love. Waiting.

I'm hungry for life.
Longing for real.

This dry spell must pass,
So again I can feel.

What it is like,
To feel warm sweet love,

The time's quickly passing,
Laughing from up above.

Taunting me daily,
Feeling regret,

Making it all,
So hard to forget.

Is it too much to ask?
To feel it again?

Warm feeling so close,
Skin shining,
So fair.

Breathe deep inhaling,
Aromas long lost,

So quick to come back,
To what I needed the most.

A simple touch,
Or a brush of her hair,

Would make the hairs on my neck,
Stand up,
Without a care.

Today is the day,
I'll make peace with this love,

And genuinely wait,
Til it's sent from above.

Until then,
I'll just wander,
No worries if it's late.

To feel it again,
Forever I'd wait.