Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking down.

I'm drowning and no one can hear me.
Kicking and screaming,
But yet no one still sees me.

My life flashes before my eyes,
There's no time,
It all passes by,
Can't even cry.

Can't believe it's all led up to this,
A single moment,
Defined by a life that will be missed.

Drowning in emotions no one will ever know,
How hard it's been for me in this world alone.
The only one who has ever been able to relate,
Broke my heart,
And lives miles away.

I don't want it to end this way.
Stepping to the edge,
There's just no looking away.
The sky so blue,
Clouds a shade of gray,
I see the ocean clear,
But nothing can help me,
How I feel today.

The most beautiful music echoes in my head,
But yet I still feel so and completely dead.

My time line didn't come to pass,
It seems as if I've completely fallen on my ass.
Missed the boat, the train, the bus,
So now I'm standing on the edge,
About to bust.

Close my eyes,
Time to hold on tight.
Feel my body take it's final flight.
Oh god,
wait for me I'm coming home.

Please tell my family,
Not to answer the phone.
They didn't lose anything by this,
But gained a knowledge,
Of knowing that I've finally acknowledged.

Some people just aren't meant to be,
Locked in this life,
Down on their knees.
After all,
We should be free.
From whatever it is,
That makes us bleed.

So for tonight,
You hold on tight.
And know that things,
Will be alright.
I've flown away,
And found my path.
And never plan,
To ever look back.

Spreading my wings,
I'll forever soar.
Always looking down,
With a smile,
Like yours.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prayer for you.

Oh lord,
I beg thee,
Stay with me,
Please don't leave my side.

Oh lord,
Don't let me,
Forget the things,
You've put me here to do.

I'm not the same person I was before.
I've changed for the better,
Only through you,
I want to be more,

Oh lord,
I beg thee,
Stay with me,
Don't leave my side.

I know that I am where I am because of you,
And that when the time is right,
I will finally push through.

Oh lord,
I beg thee,
Stay with me,
Don't leave my side.

Although tough times sometimes seem,
To outweigh the good,
There's nothing that you've put me though,
That didn't break me down,
For my own good.

Oh lord,
I beg thee,
Stay with me,
Don't leave my side.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dirty reflection.

Ok outside,
But deeply troubled.
Red's the color,
Of his heart's burst bubble.

Dead from all the pain inside,
His face tells the story,
That he can no longer hide.

Eyes look gray,
They droop and sag.
Black underneath,
Like tar,
So sad.

Can't remember,
His reflection in the mirror,
It's been so long,
Since he's been able to see himself,
Much clearer.

So lost,
So deep,
He cannot cry.
A single tear,
His eyes gone dry.

All that he has,
Are darkened days,
The skies turned gray,
Blue's gone away.

He asks,
"How has it come to this?
I don't even know how I got like this".
One minute,
I'm the star,
They all await.
Next thing you know,
All's gone away.

Left here alone,
With her and I.
Most days I ask,
God, why oh why.

Why did you take the one thing I love?
With you that day,
Up above?
You know that if he would have never died,
I feel that I just might have fully thrived.

But instead I'm lost,
In this living hell.
Locked inside,
With little room to dwell.

What can I say,
Things happen a certain way.
Can't blame you,
For where I am today.

My reflection shows,
The truths unsaid,
The lies I've told,
Man I should be dead.

But for some reason,
You've kept me here,
And for that alone,
I hold you dear.

I may not be what you've had in mind,
But I'll sure as hell,
Give it a try.
To try and change,
For you to please,
Release me from,
This awful disease.

Give me the strength,
To be ME again,
And I promise you this,
I'll finally move on,
All the way to the end.

My reflection will no longer be,
The pain that I hold inside of me.
Instead it will finally reflect,
The love I have,
That was once dead.

And I will blossom again one day,
And look up and say,
"I can't believe that was me that day."
I never want to go back,
To the person I was,
Because it wasn't me,
The disease had won.
But now,
I've turned my back.