Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sleepy prayer.

I lay in bed,
Time to sleep,

Close the curtains,
Breathe in deep,

Say my prayers,
And close my eyes,

Ask the lord,
To be by my side.

The days keep getting,
Longer each day,

With every hour that passes,
A new hair turns gray.

What a journey,
This thing called life,

Filled to the top,
With this thing called strife.

It never ends,
Feeling this way,

Not knowing,
What's coming each day.

But life is such,
A strange strange thing,

Not even Nostradamus,
Could know what it shall bring.

Relying on ourselves,
Is tough these days,

When what you bring in,
Goes out almost each single day.

Can't think like that,
I know it's true,

That looking back,
It brings no good.

Time to sleep,
And dream a dream,

Of a simple life,
Where the grass is green.

Nothing to worry about,
We could even fly,

Across the deserts,
Out in the clear skies.

Goodnight my world,
I'll dream of you,

If you let me sleep well,
I'll be good to you.

I promise to smile,
And laugh and pray,

And hope tomorrow,
Will be a better day.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I get dark.
Like the black of the sky.
The black of the clouds before a tornado forms.

I get dark.
So dark no light shines.
Reflecting off the vanity of Southern California.

I get dark.
And can't help it.
Because I feel desperate and desolate inside.

I get dark.
From trying so hard to get minimal results.
Although I know I'm further along than I think.

I get dark.
From all these damn people around me who just won't shut the fuck up.
Quit talking for a minute and listen before you speak.

I get dark.
From censorship.
And from living in a country who preaches justice and equality for all but wouldn't know the definition of equality if it hit them in face with a 2 by 4.

I get dark.
From bottling up frustrations and secrets.
No more holding back.
The world needs to hear me.

I get dark.
from everyone thinking there is one right or wrong way to live life.
Be smart.
Be intelligent.
Read something and explore more options that what you're bred to follow.
Fucking robots and machines.

I get dark.
From not being around more people around me who understand IT.
if I have to explain what IT is,
Then I can't be your friend.

I get dark.
From taking the passive aggressive road in life for so long.
And from thinking that people who hung out with me actually hung out with me because they liked me and not because they thought I was a good person.

I get dark.
From people who can't get over the past.
We can't get it back.
We have to move forward.
Every day spent dwelling in the past,
Is one day taken away from living your future.

I get dark.
For even having to write this.
But at least you have a better idea who I really am instead of looking at my Facebook and thinking you know every single detail of my life without spending more than a few hours with me.

I get dark.
Every single day when I'm not doing what I love.
And even though I am very dark most of the time.

I strive to find the light.
Once I find it,
I'll bring you with me.