Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lost Woman.

House is clean,
But still it's cold.

Wood floors creak,
And dad's not home.

The dust has settled,
Or so it seems.

Most of the problems,
Have left unseen.

But she's still there,
And she's alone.

Poor woman's been wandering,
In her own home.

With nothing else,
Or not a care,

The one she loved,
Is still not there.

I cannot blame her,
For what she does,

Because I cannot feel,
The pain she does.

I only imagine,
How it would seem,

To lose the only,
One you've ever loved,

So for tonight,
The house stays clean,

The floors will creak,
The leaky faucet,

Will surely leak.
But at least I've come,

To finally know,
Just how she feels,

When he's not home.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Believe in yourself.
Cause no one else will.

See for yourself,
The life you must live.

Never stopping to take,
A glance or two back,

The pace must be steady,
Always staying on track.

Time will stand still,
While you're in this race,

The only difference is,
No timer is in place.

Do what you must,
Until the end of the road,

The path isn't always clear,
The weather can be cold.

Believe in yourself,
Is the most powerful tool,

Without faith everyday,
You'd just be a fool.

Investing your time,
In yourself everyday,

May seem like a drag,
But will be worth it one day.

So believe in yourself,
And just do your best.

And the life that you want,
Will be yours,

No regrets.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One way.

People think I'm crazy.
But I think I'm doing fine.

God forbid they let me,
Speak from my own mind.

Their opinion only matters,
Whatever it is they say,
Emanates from their lips,
Foul words in every way.

Always quick to judge,
Even quicker to my dismay,
Before they even listen,
Their mind is already made up anyway.

I give up on trying to convince,
The ones who will not listen.
Even worse the ignorant,
Good lives that they are missin'.

If just for once they'd stop,
And listen to what I say,
I promise you that they,
Would have a brighter day.

Keep your minds and heart open,
Open your doors in every way,
And I promise someone will listen,
To what you have to say.

Be strong and always remember,
That helps not far away.
Your friends are even closer,
With every good thought today.