Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love is.

Love is patient,
Love is kind,

Love can make you,
Lose your mind.

Love can envy,
Love can hate,

Love does not,
Choose my fate.

Love can suffer,
Love can bleed,
Love can bring you,
To your knees.

Love can sting,
Love can bite,
Love will fight,
With all it's might.

Love plays dirty,
Love plays clean,
Love can definitely,
Be real mean.

I still chose Love,
Over hate,
Love sometimes,
Will call in late.

So keep it simple,
And keep it straight,
And know that Love,
It never hates.

Cling to it tight,
And it will be,
The thing that saves you,
Who knows,
Not me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ocean Breeze.

Like the ocean breeze,
Pushing and pulling,
Life is an open book,
Pages still turning free.

Memories lost,
Memories gained.
Sometimes it all feels like a dreadful game.

Of cat and mouse or hide and seek,
You never know what life will bring.

Please God,
I pray bring me peace,
And calm this beast inside of me.

Let me know that you're still there,
I promise to never stop or care.
My book will read,
All you write.
Never ever giving up the fight.

I am your soldier,
In this race.
Until my fate comes,
Tears stream down my face.

I'll turn the page now,
And begin a new chapter,
For my honor,
I'll seek your power.

Send the ocean breeze,
To cure what's inside of me.
Take it's poison out to sea,

Until the day,
You bury me,
I will do anything,
You carry me.

To live through you,
And for my life,
Never stopping in the midst of strife.

Taking all those,
Around with me,
On my journey to always please.

Sleep tight,
I pray for all of you tonight.

Peace lies within us all,
If we just ask,
We will not fall.

Ocean breeze will never fade,
The sunlight shines,
Sun will not sway.
Be good,
Be free,
It's almost time,
The cold will ease.

You wait,
And see.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I hate not knowing what's coming next.

In this life,
I only want the best.

Turn the corner now,
Got whats bad off my chest,
I feel like I can rise above the rest.

Soaring high not staying low,
I want my friends and family to always know.

That I never want them to feel as alone as me,
A feeling no one should ever know,
It's hell on Earth,
No one should ever see.

An anxiousness inside of me,
Constantly worried of what others think.

Instead of relying on what's inside,
So much easier to run and hide.

This year my efforts will only grow,
And what ever comes next I'll always know.

That I can only do my best,
And with that said,

Soar above the rest.