Thursday, December 23, 2010


Troubled mind.
Troubled heart.
Both of you,
Worlds apart.
No mistake.
Want it all,
To go away.
Live my life,
Like they do,
Smile and hug,
And kisses too.
Why am I,
So far away?
I feel so close,
To giving up these days.
Troubled mind,
Troubled heart,
What's the problem,
Where to start?
It's all the same.
I look for something,
That doesn't come my way.
Try so hard,
it's all my fault.
I know that things,
do come apart.
Troubled mind,
Please go away.
Can you do me a favor,
Come back another day?
My troubled heart,
Needs some time to feel,
It's been a while.
Troubled mind,
Troubled heart,
Why can't you seem,
to beat apart?
One for one,
Not both the same?
See I can't deal with both,
go easy today.

Drive away.

Sometimes I feel like driving away.
Taking nothing and leaving it all.

What's the big deal anyways,
The road won't break my fall.

I'd like to just drive off into the sun,
Not turning to look back sounds like so much fun.

Letting the light hit me square in the face,
To take a big break from running the race.

The fantasy of getting away,
I think it's almost too much to take.

Letting it take over my soul,
Like a heartbeat it pulses, pushes and pulls in different ways.

Taking all my strength I push it away,
That feeling that makes me feel like leaving again.

I know the other side's not greener,
But hey man,
the sky sure looks a lot clearer.

Over here things are cloudy and grey,
7 days in a row and I feel nothing's changed.

Still post the same old thing everyday,
Cause the feeling of sad and alone lingers each day.

See the idea of driving,
Driving away.

Never seems to leave me each day.
It sits there and it's always so near.

That maybe one day it will finally become clear.
In my mind that what I'm doing today.

Will be for the best and not for the worst,
Some reassurance to let me know this life is not cursed.

But for now I'll sit here and dream life away,
And think of things and places where I'd rather be everyday.

Cause isn't that the dream that we all can't dismiss?
The dream to be happy, in love, all good and pure bliss?

For now I'll let it slide no more prodding today,
At the things in which I'm doing each day.

So goodnight to you all and keep dreaming away,
And I'll keep on going too,
Driving my way.