Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reaching for you.

The left side of my bed is still cold.
I reach for you so much,
You don't even know.

Am I awake or is it a dream?
Because not having you here,
Is still haunting me.

I wake up a mess,
Still looking for you.
More tossing and turning,
No nothing will do.

I can't just erase,
The memories we had.
But sure if I could,
I'd take them all back.

5 years of your life is so much to give,
Now 4 years have passed,
The nightmare still lives.

Dream on and dream on,
Dreams take me away.
To a place I can breathe,
Where no memories await.

Where the breezes blow soft,
And the sun glistens warm.
Where the willow trees shade me,
And I can be warm.

Please do me that favor,
And I promise you this,
That I will move forward,
Try this again.

To give all my heart,
Is all I can do.
And hope I don't awake again,
Reaching for you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dream alone.

I love to love but no one loves me
I sit and wait but I know that it's too late
The time has passed the door has closed.
I'm all alone.

Listening to the sound of my own breath,
I lay my head on my pillow and fall asleep again.
I dream of you if you're still there,
An imagination of mine,
Out of thin air.
The sweetest touch you're heaven sent.
God must have cried after you left.
But just a dream so sad you see,
My imagination has once again left me.

Time to wake up now to the sounds again.
The birds are chirping in the cold gray air.
And I'm alone and stare straight up,
And think why not just lay here, why should I get up?
It's cold and I'm just sitting there.
Doesn't matter anyways, no one to care.
Maybe this time around a happy ending doesn't come.
After all, it's winter, can't see the sun.
I'll change my mind if I ever get warm.
Until then I'll stay here.
Just me,
No one.

Reflection II

Sometimes I feel so glad to be blind.

Just so I won't see that reflection of mine.

Of days gone past and years that grow old.

My face still shows the lines they've told.

A wrinkle here a wrinkle there,

That one shows the truth or dare.

I know that I will eventually grow old,

But it doesn't mean I must grow cold.

So why is it I cannot face,

The things in which they line my face?

I know I've run for oh so long.

Guess the time has come to stop the fun.

Just sticking with the plan once more,

And living my life,

Never a bore.

Blind as ever my reflection fades,

Into the past,

Another day.

I can't stop now I've come too far,

So goodnight now,

Look at the stars.

And wish for me a bright today,

Cause tomorrow night,

I just may feel this way.

And I promise to always do my best,

And not fit in with all the rest.

I'll go and go and go and do,

The things in which I know to do.

And just with that I feel good today.

To know the lines they'll never fade.

There they rest they'll always be.

A part of me from sea to sea.

So goodnight and rest your head this weary day,

Tomorrow surely is another day.

Don't forget you promised me,

To wish a better day for me.