Friday, December 3, 2010

Come home.

I'm awfully sad today.

Can't come out and play.

You know more died today.

Bet you didn't know.

Out across the sea,

And over the willow trees,

Hanging from the breeze,

Somewhere down on his knees.

Blistering sand and searing heat,

Fighting for US to eat.

I'm awfully sad today,

Can't come out and play.

I'm worried but no one else is.

About my friend today.

He's alone and and no one knows.

That he might never come home.

To see his families faces,

To not have a worry or a care.

Would be better than where his is,

While you just sit with that blank stare.

I'm awfully sad today,

Can't come out and play.

I'm staying where I am,

Til' they all come home one day.

Who are you?

Most people spend their whole lives trying
To Hide.

They don't want you to know who they are.

I have been spending my whole life.
Trying to let people understand WHO I AM.

Who are you anyways?
Or do you even know?

Who do you want to be.
Where you you want to go?

I want to live high.
Live high and sing bright.

Over the mountains and through the sky.
Sing so loud it makes you cry.

I am who I am,
I told you.

But you wouldn't know,
You're a little too blind.

If I slit my wrists in front of you,
You'd probably let me die.

So who are you behind that mask may I ask?
Because if I can't figure it out,
Chances are you won't last.

It seems we have a dilemma with no questions asked.
Because things aren't always what they seem,
Even when you can see through the glass.

I am who I am.
Who are you?