Saturday, November 27, 2010

We'll be fine.

It's true they say that love is blind.

Most time we all just think it's fine.

Love that is it's all just missed.

In front one minute the next you're sick.

Knowing that you lost someone.

Before you even knew them.


For making same mistakes.

Over and over,

Not just a bad day.

Because we're getting older and losing time.

Love won't have mercy just cause' we are blind.

So take a chance,

Take a risk.

Hold on tight,

So you won't miss this.

You may not recognize today.

But I'm telling you,

Things work out in mysterious ways.

I will do the same if you,

Promise to meet me a quarter past 2.

The bench in front of Ocean one day.

The one that overlooks the bay.

And I promise cross my heart for you.

That I will always be there for you.

I will never hurt or make you cry.

I will only bring you with me,

By my side.

Forever has nothing on us no way.

Even Zeus couldn't keep us at bay.

So don't forget to bring the wine.

Cause I promise babe,

We'll be just fine.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's cold all the time here.
Where the grass doesn't grow.

The wind doesn't blow through the trees,
And the leaves don't crunch under
Your feet,

A dream is just a dream here,
And all you have is fears.

What kind of place do we live in,
Where the only answers no?
Where black wins over gold,
Nights are always cold,
No comfort but your own.

It's always cold here he moans.
Turning over he softly holds.
A torn memory of what is old.
A touch,
A glance,
A warm smile there,
white teeth,
Couldn't hide from the blaring glare,
Some warmth.
It's still too cold...

Safe with me.

I would keep you safe and warm.
No one could harm you here,
You're safe from the storm.

I would protect you and guide you,
Cause I'd be right beside you.
Knowing what's best,
Cause you act just like I do.

Intertwined souls,
Two hearts in just one,
Our only problem would be,
Maybe just too much damn fun.

I'm perfect for you,
You just may not see,
From where you are standing,
I'll stand taller now look up,
Yes love,
That's me.

I've always been here,
And have always been there,
You've just never looked up to see or to care.

Alas it doesn't matter,
No worries at all,
All this time I've been waiting,
To pick you up when you fall.

I'm just happy to say,
That the times finally come.
You in my warm arms,
God can see from above.

You now have me forever,
Now you'll always be,
My baby,
My love,
And always,
Just you and just me.


I don't feel happy.
I don't feel good.
It's not that I've done,
Anything but do good.

So what's with this feelin,
I'm holdin inside,
That makes me feel ill,
Just makes me wanna cry.

Have to just separate,
From those who I love,
To try and push through,
To get what's above.

The beautiful stars,
And gigantic full moon,
Are pulling me towards them,
The gravity swoons.

Rotating fast,
Inevitably it,
Will come right around,
Maybe then I'll fit in.

Until then stay alone,
And wander and drift,
Floating above,
Looking down feeling grim.

Cause I know that it will,
Come around once again,
The gravity is sure,
To be there again.

And we'll all be together,
So happy and fit,
And look down at once,
And smile again.