Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Oblivious to the world around
so blind unable to see.

So worried about yourself
you don't even recognize me.

Lost in your world of vanity and deceit.
If a ton of bricks fell on you,
It'd barely cause you to sneeze.

Your life is more important than others,
Your sneer burns through the lovers.

Emanating hate is what you do best.
Thinking you're above the rest.

Put down your phone and look up.
See the beautiful blue sky with the rest of us.

Feel the sun bask on you face.
Cause you never know your fate for gods sake.

Live your life and dedicate to others.
Yours is important too,
but love another.

So just stop for a second today,
And remember to seize the day.

To thank God for all he's made.
Without him,
There would be no today.

I will try if you will too.

And know this world is here for you.