Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tired eyes.

Tired eyes,
Don't cry no more,
I'll take your pain away.

I promise to,
give all that you,
never to take away.

Tired eyes,
please rest those tears,
just save them for another day.

I told you that,
You don't need,
To cry ever again,
Not this way.

Tired eyes,
I look at you,
And can't help not to look away.

Because I see,
part of me in you,
at least a little,
in every way.

You remind me when,
I was young,
and could never get away.
From things I couldn't,
do or face,
not even until today.

Tired eyes,
god dammit you,
I thought I said stay away.
I'm here now,
so you can go,
and be happy every day.

Tired eyes,
don't look at me,
without knowing,
things are ok.

I will take you,
mend you,
heal you,
show life to you,
in good ways.

Tired eyes,
go ahead and sleep,
And rest your weary ways.

I promise to watch over,
protect and be there,
to assure you're safe each day.

Everything is fine.

Everything is fine.
He says to himself,
Alone the crackle of his phone.

Everything is fine,
Nobody is home,
Once again,
He finds himself,

Everything is fine,
Computers off,
Night is black,
Still wandering on his own.

Everything is fine,
Sounds of the city,
Droning softly out below.
Still his house is not a home.

Everything is fine,
This sitting,
No one to save him,

Everything is fine,
Repeats again,
Throughout his gloomy mind,
Sifting through what cannot change,
And fighting demons,
Far and old.

Everything is fine!
He cries,
The thought won't leave alone.
At once his hopes and all his fears,
Have finally come up from below.

Everything is fine,
Last time,
Cause why not,
Once more just never gets old.

Everything is fine.

He'll listen to,
These awful clicks,
And dream of homey homes.
Where candles line the windowpanes,
Flickering and dancing off the snow. Where children play,
And mommas bake,
All good things and stories told.

And fireplace smoke,
That drifts and floats,
Into ash from the wind that blows.

Everything is fine.
Today for now.
Who knows what tomorrow will hold.