Monday, October 25, 2010


My heart is heavy.
My mind is full.
My thoughts won't stray.
Dark clouds,
So gray.

Full of doubt,
Full of FEAR,
Full of wanting,
Something not near.

Unknown paths,
No signs guide,
The windy road,
Will not give way.

What to do,
And what to say,
Those thoughts seem to cross,
My mind each day.

It's such a struggle,
To do what's right,
When all it seems they want,
To do is fight.

Going against,
Everything you say,
You begin to question,

Do I really want this?
Or should I do that?
My heart tells me,
To stay on this track.

I know that it's,
A long,
Long road.
But I can't seem,
To find my way home.

So I'll just wander,
And do my own thing.
Follow my heart,
Even though the pain,
Just won't leave.

So I can stand,
At the top some day,
And say,
At least I've done,
My best today.